Arnold Brooks

Arnold Brooks
Research Interests: Ancient Physics and Epistemology, Skepticism, Philosophy of Mind

Previous Education

BA, Philosophy, Penn State University, 2006

MA, Humanities, University of Chicago, 2009


Ancient Physics, Metaphysics, and Ethics


Dissertation Title: “Change and Continuity in Aristotle's Physics 6

Dissertation Committee: Gabriel Lear, Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Indiana, Bloomington), Benjamin Morrison (Princeton), Marko Malink (NYU)

Recent Courses

PHIL 25000 History of Philosophy I: Ancient Philosophy

(CLCV 22700)

An examination of ancient Greek philosophical texts that are foundational for Western philosophy, especially the work of Plato and Aristotle. Topics will include: the nature and possibility of knowledge and its role in human life; the nature of the soul; virtue; happiness and the human good.

Completion of the general education requirement in humanities.

2019-2020 Autumn
Ancient Philosophy