Resource Faculty

The members of the University of Chicago faculty listed below, while not voting members of the faculty of the Department of Philosophy, all have noteworthy research interests in some area of philosophy. Each of them has been involved in the life of the Department in a variety of ways, including co-teaching courses and seminars with Philosophy faculty, co-sponsoring philosophy workshops and conferences, participating in our joint programs, serving on departmental dissertation committees, and advising philosophy BA theses. The links below lead to the homepages of these resource faculty.

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Daniel Arnold (Divinity)
Buddhist Philosophy

Karlos Arregi (Linguistics)
Philosophy of Language

Elizabeth Asmis (Classics)
Ancient Philosophy, especially Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy

Chiara Cordelli (Political Science)
Contemporary Analytical Political Theory

Ryan Coyne (Divinity)
Philosophy of Religion, Contintental Philosophy, especially Heidegger

Lorraine Daston (Social Thought)
History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Probability, Early Modern Philosophy

Adom Getachew (Political Science)
History of Political Thought, International Law, Post-Colonial Political Theory

Anastasia Giannakidou (Linguistics)
Philosophy of Language

Kevin Hector (Divinity)
Philosophy of Religion, especially Metaphysics and Epistemology

Denis R. Hirschfeldt  (Mathematics)
Mathematical Logic

Hans Joas (Social Thought)
American Pragmatism, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Social Sciences 

Demetra Kasimis (Political Science)
Democratic Theory, Thought and Politics of Classical Greece

Chris Kennedy (Linguistics)
Philosophy of Language

Irad Kimhi (John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought)
Continental Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics

Matthew Landauer (Political Science)
Classical Political Thought

Benjamin Laurence (Human Rights)
Political Philosophy

Brian Leiter (Law School)
Nietzsche, Philosophy of Law

John McCormick (Political Science)
Political Theory

Heinrich Meier (Social Thought)
Political Philosophy, Rousseau, Carl Schmidt

Jason Merchant (Linguistics)
Philosophy of Language

Daniel Morgan (Cinema and Media Studies)
Film Theory, Philosophy of Visual Arts, Modernism and Realism in the Arts

Glenn Most (Social Thought)
Ancient Philosophy, Continental Philosophy

Sankar Muthu (Political Science)
Political Theory

Richard Neer (Art History, Cinema and Media Studies)
Philosophy of Visual Arts

Thomas Pavel (Romance Languages and Social Thought)
Aesthetics, Contemporary French Philosophy

Eric Santner (Germanic Studies & Jewish Studies)
Jewish Philosophy, German Philosophy, Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Literature

Joel Snyder (Art History)
Philosophy of Visual Arts, Theories of Pictorial Representation

William Schweiker (Divinity)
Theological Ethics, Philosophy and Literature

Stephen Stigler (Statistics)
Philosophy of Probabiity and Statistical Inference

Nathan Tarcov (Political Science and Social Thought)
History of Political Theory

David Wellbery (Germanic Studies & Social Thought)
German Idealism, Aesthetics, Continental Philosophy

Christopher Wild (Germanic Studies)
Descartes, Aesthetics, German Philosophy

James Lindley Wilson (Political Science)
Political Philosophy, Ethics, and Law

David Wray (Classics)
Roman Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature

Ming Xiang (Linguistics)
Philosophy of Language

Linda Zerilli (Political Science)
Political Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy