Night Owls

The Crowd at "The Philosophy of Divorce" Night Owls Event--Note the "Where Fun Comes to Die" t-shirt!
Night Owls, "The Philosophy of Divorce," November 2018

The Department of Philosophy designs events to inspire philosophical explorations among students. The craziest, and the most UChicago, of these events is our Night Owls series, which features several faculty-led, late-night conversations each year on arcane philosophical topics. Past events have included discussions such as Is Philosophy a Blood Sport?, Do Minds Exist?, Should We Strive to Live Without Anger and Sadness?, The Philosophy of Divorce, Economics vs. Philosophy: The Battle for Your Soul, Why Is There Organized Violence?, The Meaning of Death, Is Love Worth the Pain?, and Let's Get Philosophical about Sex. This series was recently profiled by UChicagoNews (check out the video!), the Chicago Tribune, and The Maroon (here and here as well).

Upcoming 2020 Winter Quarter Night Owls Events

  • Does Science Leave Room for Philosophy? with Anubav Vasudevan and Tom Pashby (both Philosophy), 1/23
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, with Agnes Callard and James Evans (Sociology), 2/6

Past Night Owls Event Videos

Here are a few highlights from "The Philosophy of Divorce," in which formerly married UChicago philosophers Ben Callard and Agnes Callard respond to each other's questions and to student questions. The full video is here.

Here are a few highlights from "Economics vs. Philosophy: The Battle for Your Soul" featuring Agnes Callard and George Mason University Economist Tyler Cowan. The full video is here.

Do Minds Exist?