Daniel Moerner

Daniel Moerner
Assistant Professor
Office: TBD
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Daniel Moerner is joining the faculty in Fall 2019 as an Assistant Professor. He received his BA in Philosophy and Classics from Pomona College in 2013 and an M. Phil. in Classics (Ancient Philosophy) from the University of Cambridge in 2014. He expects to receive his PhD in Philosophy from Yale University in 2019.

Daniel's interests extend broadly across the history of philosophy. He specializes in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European philosophy, particularly the philosophy of Benedict Spinoza. Daniel's research on Spinoza is driven by an attempt to understand how much of Spinoza's Ethics is an expression of adequate knowledge by Spinoza's own lights. In a number of papers and a larger, developing book-length project, he argues that surprisingly little of the Ethics expresses adequate knowledge. Daniel also has research interests in ancient Greek philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, and early analytic philosophy.

Works in Progress (drafts available on request):

  • Every Idea Is Nothing but a Multitude of Affirmations: Reconceiving the Identity of Intellect and Will in Spinoza
  • Does God Know Whether Spinoza Was a Necessitarian?
  • A Revival of Frege, the Specter of the Tractatus
  • Nonsense and the General Propositional Form