Paskalina Bourbon

Paskalina Bourbon
Research Interests: Reasoning, Inference, Induction, Analogy and analogical reasoning, Philosophy of Science, especially modeling and the philosophy of biology, Metaphor, Self-Deception, Wittgenstein, Aesthetics

Previous Education

BA, Philosophy, Pomona College, 2019

Recent Courses

PHIL 20100-01 Introduction to Logic

(HIPS 20700, LING 20102)

An introduction to the concepts and principles of symbolic logic. We learn the syntax and semantics of truth-functional and first-order quantificational logic, and apply the resultant conceptual framework to the analysis of valid and invalid arguments, the structure of formal languages, and logical relations among sentences of ordinary discourse. Occasionally we will venture into topics in philosophy of language and philosophical logic, but our primary focus is on acquiring a facility with symbolic logic as such.


Students may count either PHIL 20100 or PHIL 20012, but not both, toward the credits required for graduation.

2023-2024 Autumn