Kate Petroff

Previous Education

2018 - Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with High Honors, Kenyon College


Political Philosophy, German Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, and Feminist Philosophy

Recent Courses

PHIL 23728 Are We Forced to Work?: Force, Work, and Human Rights

(HMRT 23728)

Most of us, most of the time, must show up to work every day in order to get the money we need to survive. Although this fact seems commonplace, it raises important questions about human rights and human freedom. Are people under capitalism forced to labor? What about people who perform dangerous jobs out of economic desperation? And, if people are forced to work, is that in any sense a violation of their rights? On the one hand, some argue that egalitarian societies should recognize a right not to work. On the other, some argue that people should have a right to perform work, or at least work that is meaningful and freely chosen. In this class, we will read, write, and think about what contemporary philosophers have to say about each of these questions.

2023-2024 Spring