Recent Job Placements

See the chart below for a list of recent professional placements for our departmental PhDs, arranged by year of graduation. Here is the key to the types of academic placements listed:

  • TT = Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
  • I = Instructor
  • L = Lecturer
  • P = Postdoctoral Fellow or Researcher
  • V = Visiting Assistant Professor
  • O = Non-Academic Placement
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Jacob Butcher Justice and the Good: How Should We Think About Politics?
Dan Brudney (chair), Ben Laurence, Paul Weithman (Notre Dame)
National Labor Relations Board, Field Attorney, Subregional Office 33, Peoria, IL (O)
Eamon Duede “Epistemology of AI-Infused Science”
Kevin Davey (chair), James Evans, Ian Foster, Tom Pashby
Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow (P)
Melina Garibovic The Reality of Persons
David Finkelstein (co-chair), Matthias Haase (co-chair), and Anubav Vasudevan
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Aaron Graham Theoretical Disagreements, Hard Cases, and the Positivist Theory of Legal Validity
Dan Brudney, Brian Leiter, Malte Willer
University of Mississippi, Assistant Professor (TT)
Mathis Koschel "The Idea of Nature – Kant and Hegel on Nature, Freedom, and Philosophical Method"
Robert Pippin (chair), James Conant, Matt Boyle, Christian Martin (University of Stuttgart)
University of Southern California, Postdoctoral Scholar (P)
Ermioni Prokopaki Understanding the Threat of Relativism in the Theaetetus of Plato
Gabriel Lear, Agnes Callard, and Jason Bridges
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Joshua Trubowitz Spontaneous Activity and Truthfulness in Aristotle’s Theory of Perception
Gabriel Lear, Agnes Callard, and Matt Boyle
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences (P)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Joe Brewer "Kant on Time and Human Cognition"
Matt Boyle (chair), Jim Conant, and Michael Kremer
Molly Brown "On Starting Points"
Kevin Davey and Anubav Vasudevan (co-chairs), Michael Kremer, and Meghan Page (Loyola University, Maryland)
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Daniel Burnfin “Greater than Itself: Value, Capital, and Involuntary Unemployment in Classical Political Economy”
Anton Ford (co-chair; Eric Santner (Germanic Studies, co-chair); Matthias Haase
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Pirachula Chulanon "Kant and the Origin of the Concept of Mind"
Matt Boyle, Jim Conant, Tobias Rosefeldt (Humboldt Berlin), and Eric Watkins (UC San Diego)
Ryerson University (TT)
Claudia Hogg-Blake “Loving Gracie: An Account of Human-Animal Love”
Martha Nussbaum (chair), Agnes Callard, and Matthias Haase
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Ryan Simonelli "Meaning and the World"
Michael Kremer (co-chair), Malte Willer (co-chair), James Conant, Jason Bridges, and Robert Brandom (Pittsburgh)
University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Arnold Brooks Change and Continuity in Aristotle's Physics 6
Gabriel Lear, Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Indiana, Bloomington), Benjamin Morrison (Princeton), Marko Malink (NYU)
University of Chicago, Assistant Instructional Professor, Department of Philosophy (I)
Shana Crandell Action and the Actuality of Reason: A Study of Hegel’s Idea of the Good
Robert Pippin (chair), Matthias Haase, and Christian Martin (MLU--Munich)
Lawrence Dallman "Marx’s Naturalism: A Study in Philosophical Methodology"
Committee: Robert Richards (co-chair), Brian Leiter (co-chair, Law School), Michael Forster (Bonn), Matthias Haase
Clemson University, Visiting Assistant Professor (V); University of Chicago, Teaching Fellow (P)
Andrew Pitel "Kant's Critique of Rationalism: Substance, Essence, Noumenon"
Boyle (chair), Conant, Kremer, Moerner, and Sutherland (University of Illinois Chicago)
Assistant Instructional Professor in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities, the Department of Philosophy, and the College (L); University of Chicago, Lecturer, Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (L)
Thomas Schulte "The Transformation of "Self-Consciousness" in Hegel's Phenomenology of the Spirit"
Pippin (chair), Conant, and Yeomans (Purdue)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Pascal Brixel "Freedom"
Ford (chair), Brudney, Laurence, and Julius (UCLA)
Northwestern University (TT); Clemson University (TT)
Charlie Capps "Accomplice Liability"
Vogler (chair), Ford, Mueller (Trier), and Lakier (Law School)
Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, Judicial Law Clerk, 2 Years (O)
Skomantas Pocius "Truthfulness: An Examination of Bernard Williams' Virtues of Truth"
Pippin and J. Lear
McKinsey, Management Consulting Associate (O)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Elena Comay del Junco "Aristotle's Cosmological Ethics"
Nussbaum and G. Lear (co-chairs) and Shields (Notre Dame)
University of Connecticut (TT); University of Toronto, Centre for Ethics (P)
Roger Eichorn "Philosophy and Everyday Life: Thompson Clarke and the Legacy of Skepticism"
Conant (chair), Finkelstein, and Vasudevan
Katie Howe “Having a Body and Having a Perspective: An Account of Proprioceptive Awareness”
Finkelstein (chair), Bridges, and Ford
University of Chicago (Writing Specialist, University Writing Program); University of Chicago (I)
Claire Kirwin "Value Realism and the First-Person Perspective"
A. Callard and Finkelstein (co-chairs), Vogler, Leiter
Northwestern University (TT); University of Chicago. Preceptor, Master of Arts in Humanities Program (I)
Josh Mendelsohn "Aristotle on the Necessity of What We Know"
Nussbaum (chair), A. Callard, Kremer, and Malink (NYU)
Loyola University Chicago (TT)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Amichai Amit "Intrinsically Rational Desires and Holism of Justifications"
Vogler (Chair), Müller, Ford, A. Callard, and Haase
Tel Aviv University (P)
Amos Browne "Acting for a Reason: A Wittgensteinian Approach"
Bridges (chair), Conant, and Finkelstein
University of Chicago, Preceptor, Master of Arts in Humanities Program (I)
Dawn Chow “Analogical Models of God: An Account of Religious Language”
Stern (chair), Kremer, and Conant
College of DuPage (TT); Center for Philosophy of Religion, Notre Dame University (P)
Michael Crema "Love and Friendship in Early Plato"
G. Lear (co-chair), Nussbaum (co-chair), and Ford
Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield (UX Researcher); University of Chicago (Researcher and Instructor)
Jaime Edwards "The Concept of Ideology"
Leiter (co-chair), Brudney (co-chair), Forster, and Nussbaum
St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin (TT)
Simon Gurofsky "Making Kant's Empirical Realism Possible"
Pippin (chair), Kremer, and Brook (Carleton University)
Carleton University (Canada) (L); Leipzig University (P)
Nethanel Lipshitz "A Defense of Basic Equality"
Nussbaum (co-chair), Leiter (co-chair), and Brudney
Penn State College of Medicine (TT); University of Chicago Law School (P)
Zachary Loveless "Principled Virtue"
Vogler (chair), Brudney, and Ford
Hyde Park Institute, Director of Programming and Operations (O)
Rory O'Connell “The Efficacy of the Good”
Vogler (chair), Bridges, A. Callard, Ford, and Haase
Polonsky Academy for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (P, 4 Years); University of Chicago, Division of the Humanities (L)
Stephen Shortt "Practical Beauty"
Vogler (chair), Brudney, and Ford
Auburn University (L)
Daniel Telech "In Praise of Praise"
A. Callard (co-chair), Leiter (co-chair), and Russell (University of British Columbia/Lund University)
Polonsky Academy for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (P, 5-year)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Anastasia Artemyev Berg "Freedom, Feeling and Character: The Unity of Reason and Sensibility in Kant's Practical Philosophy"
Pippin (chair), Conant, Boyle, and Engstrom (University of Pittsburgh)
Hebrew University, Jerusalem (TT); Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University (P, 3-year)
Dhananjay Jagannathan "The Labors of Wisdom"
G. Lear (co-chair), Nussbaum (co-chair), and Kraut (Northwestern University)
Columbia University (TT); Dartmouth College (L)
Gilad Nir "Wittgenstein on Inference"
Kremer (co-chair), Conant (co-chair), Vasudevan, and Diamond (University of Virginia)
University of Jena (P); Leipzig University (P)
Francey Russell "Self-Opacity, Ethics, and Agency"
Vogler (chair), Brudney, and J. Lear
Barnard College (TT); Yale University, Humanities Program (L, 2-year)
Jessica Tizzard "Sense-Dependent Rationalism: Finding the Unity in Kant's Practical Philosophy"
Pippin (chair), Vogler, Brudney, and Engstrom (University of Pittsburgh)
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Akademische Ratsstelle auf Zeit, 6 years); University of Connecticut (P, 3-year)
Andrew Werner "Hegel's Speculative Method"
Pippin, Bridges, Franks (Yale), and Gobsch (Leipzig University)
Amherst College (V, 2018-); Yale University (L, 2017-18)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Santiago Mejia "Ethical Development and the Varieties of Self-Knowledge"
Nussbaum (chair), Finkelstein, and Sherman (Georgetown University)
Fordham University (TT); Occidental College (P)
Daniel Rodriguez-Navas "Foucault's Ethical Project and the Normativity of Ethical Claims"
Davidson (chair), Benoist (Paris--Sorbonne), Ford, and Moati
New School for Social Research (TT); Middlebury College (P, 2-year)
Tuomo Tiisala "Power and Freedom in the Space of Reasons"
Davidson (chair), Pippin, and Harcourt (UChicago Political Science)
Helsinki University (L); New York University (P, 2-year, 1 extra year at NYU Abu Dhabi)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Jeremy Bell "Elizabeth Anscombe's Wittgensteinian Third Way in Philosophy of Mind: A Thomist Critique"
Pippin (chair), Vogler, and Mueller
Campion College, Sydney, Australia (Lecturer and Tutor)
Nir Ben-Moshe "Idealization and the Moral Point of View: An Adam Smithian Account of Moral Reasons"
Nussbaum (co-chair), Leiter (co-chair), Brudney, and Fleischacker (University of Illinois--Chicago)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (TT)
Silver Bronzo "Words, Sentences, and Speech Acts: An Interpretation and Defense of the Context Principle"
Conant (chair), Kremer, Stern, and Diamond (University of Virginia)
Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia (TT); Auburn University (L)
Judy Hensley "Equity Strikes Back: The Lost Ideal of Aristotelian Equitable Justice in Contemporary Statutory Interpretation"
Kremer (chair), Brudney, Ford, and Stone (New School for Social Research)
Roberts & Holland, LLP, Partner (O)
David Holiday "Moral Incapacity: The Shadows Cast by Character"
Vogler (chair), Brudney, and Laurence (UChicago Human Rights)
Jackson Center for Ethics and Values, Coastal Carolina University (P, 2015)
Nic Koziolek "Representing Reason"
Kremer (chair), Stern, Willer, and Malink (New York University)
Washington University in St. Louis (L, 2018); Auburn University (L, 2015-16, renewable)
Peter Murray "The Causal Efficacy of Contentful Mental States: Towards a Rational Naturalism"
Conant (chair), Finkelstein, and Bridges
Skidmore College (V, 2015-16)
Daniel Smyth "Infinity and Givenness: Kant's Critical Theory of Sensibility"
Pippin (chair), Conant, and Schechtmant (University of Wisconsin--Madison), and Sutherland (Illinois--Chicago)
Wesleyan University (TT, 2017); Cornell University (P, 2015)
Matt Teichman “Characterizing Kinds: A Semantics for a Generic Sentences”
Bridges (co-chair), Kennedy (UChicago Linguistics, co-chair), and Willer
University of Chicago Library (Programming Specialist, Digital Library Development Center); University of Chicago, Division of the Humanities (L, 2015-16, renewable)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Mark Hopwood "Love's Work: Eros and Moral Agency"
Vogler (chair), J. Lear, Brudney, and A. Callard
Sewanee: The University of the South (TT, 2014)
Alyssa Luboff "On the Ground: Opening a Coherent Space for the Insights of Cultural Relativism"
Forster, Vogler, Vasudevan, and Shweder (UChicago Comparative Human Development)
Self-Employed (Healer and Counselor); Grand Valley State University (V, 2014-17)
Tucker McKinney "Heidegger on Human Finitude and Normative Governance"
Pippin (chair), J. Lear, and Blattner (Georgetown)
Self-Employed (Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer); College of William and Mary (V, 2014)
Jennifer Rothschild "Striving to Be Better: Incomplete Character and the Unity of the Virtues"
Nussbaum (chair), Vogler, and Ford
University of Florida (TT, 2014)
Joshua Schwartz “Quine, Disquotation, and Truth”
Kremer (Chair), Stern, and Davey
University of Virginia (V); California State University, San Bernardino (L, 2014)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Stina Bäckström "The Mind's Movement: A New Account of Expressive Action"
Finkelstein (chair), Bridges, A. Callard, and Gustafsson (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)
Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge, Södertörn University, Stockholm (TT, tenured); Kone Foundation, Åbo Academy University in Finland (P, 2013)
Rachel Goodman "Singular Thought: Making the Most of the Notion"
Stern (Chair), Bridges, Conant, and Kremer
University of Illinois Chicago (TT, 2019); University of Nebraska--Lincoln (TT, 2016)
Lisa Hicks "The Ascetic Ideal and the Will to Power: A Reading of Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals, Essay Three"
Nussbaum (chair), Forster, and Larmore (Brown University)
Stanford Online High School (Teacher); Structured Liberal Education Program, Stanford University (P, 2013, renewable)
Josef Lubenow "On the Foundations of Human Rights"
Nussbaum (chair), Laurence, Gooding-Williams (UChicago Political Science)
Clark Remington "Originary Temporality: An Essay on Heidegger's Being and Time and His Intepretation of Kant"
Conant, Forster, Rödl (University of Basel), and Blattner (Georgetown University)
Law Offices of Clark A. Remington (Lawyer); University of Chicago Law School (L, 2012-)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Aidan Gray "Names and Name-Bearing: An Essay on the Predicate View of Names"
Stern (chair), Kremer, and Kennedy (UChicago Linguistics)
University of Illinois--Chicago (TT, 2012)
Rafeeq Hasan "Obligation and Happiness in Rousseau"
Pippin (chair), Brudney, and Nussbaum
Amherst College (TT, 2015); University of Chicago (P, 2012)
Thomas Lockhart "Frege, Singular Terms and Logical Objects"
Kremer (chair), Conant, and Stern
Auburn University (TT, 2012); Quinnipac University (TT, 2011)
Ryan Long "Responsibility and Equality"
Nussbaum, Brudney, and Deigh (University of Texas)
Thomas Jefferson University (TT, 2012); University of Chicago Law School (P, 2011)
Colin Patrick "Internalism, Practical Relations, and Psychologism"
Vogler (chair), Pippin, and Larmore (Brown University)
Portland State University (L, 2012)
Will Small "Two Kinds of Practical Knowledge"
Vogler (chair), Bridges, Conant, and Ford
University of Illinois--Chicago (TT, 2014)
Nate Zuckerman "Heidegger's Notion of Originary Temporality"
Pippin (chair), J. Lear, and Carman (Columbia University)
Highland School (High School Social Studies Teacher); University of Puget Sound (V, 2012)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Kristin Boyce “Why Wander into Fiction? Analytic Philosophy and the Case Study of Henry James”
Conant (co-chair), Kremer (co-chair), Brudney, and J. Lear
Mississippi State University (TT, 2014)
John Hannon "Aristotle's Conception of Science: The Case of On Youth and Old Age, and Life and Death, and Respiration"
Nussbaum (chair), Asmis (UChicago Classics), and Richards
Justkul (CEO); Research Pros (Executive Director of Client Services)
Erica Holberg "Pleasure and the Nature of the Ethical Subject"
Vogler (chair), G. Lear, and J. Lear
Utah State University (TT, 2011)
Jennifer Lockhart "Kierkegaard: Indirect Communication and Ignorant Knowledge"
J. Lear (chair), Brudney, A. Callard, and Conant
Auburn University (TT, 2012); Stanford University (P, 2011)
Micah Lott "Human Form and Moral Goodness"
Pippin (chair), G. Lear, Ford, and Müller
Boston College (TT, 2012); Asian University for Women (TT, 2011)
Justin Shaddock "Kant's Transcendental Methodology: An Essay on Justification, Objectivity, and Subjectivity in Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories"
Pippin (chair), Forster, Ameriks (Notre Dame), and Franks (Toronto)
Williams College (TT, 2017); Williams College (V, 2014)
Charles Todd "Life Interrupted: Akrasia, Action, and Active Irrationality"
Vogler (chair), Nussbaum, G. Lear, and A. Callard
University of Chicago (Deputy Dean of Students, the College)
Julio Tuma "Biological Boundaries"
Wimsatt (chair), Richards, Perlman (UChicago Medical School), and Weil (Illinois Institute of Technology)
University of Pennsylvania (L, Integrated Studies, 2012)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Jay Elliott "Prudent Virtues"
Vogler (chair), Davidson, J. Lear, Brudney, and G. Lear
Bard College (TT, 2013)
Daesuk Han "Clarity and Silence, A Nonstandard Reading of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-philosophicus"
Kremer (chair), Conant, and Stern
Nathaniel Hansen “Radical Contextualism”
Stern (chair), Conant, Kremer, Bridges, and Finkelstein
University of Reading, UK (L, 2012); Umeå University, Sweden (P, 2012)
Karolina Hübner "Spinoza on Substance as Cause"
Davidson (chair), Larmore (Brown University), Melamed (Johns Hopkins University), and Nadler (University of Wisconsin--Madison)
Cornell University (Associate Professor, 2019); University of Toronto (TT, 2010; tenure 2016)
Thomas Land "Kant's Theory of Synthesis"
Conant (chair), Pippin, Kremer, and Sutherland (University of Illinois--Chicago)
Ryerson University, Toronto (TT)
Name Dissertation Title / Committee Current / Previous Placement
Daniel Groll "'It's My Life and I'll Do What I Want': Valuing Autonomy"
Nussbaum (chair), Bridges, Brudney, Kraut (Northwestern University), and G. Lear
Carleton College (TT, 2009; tenure 2015)
David Possen "The Requirement Must Be Heard: Rigor in the Thought and Work of Søren Kierkegaard"
J. Lear and Conant
Yale University (P, 2009); University of Copenhagen (TT)
Irina Ruvinsky "The Circle of Time: Hermeneutic Structure of A La Recherche du Temps Perdu"
Forster (chair), Larmore (Brown University), and Pavel (UChicago Social Thought)
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (L, 2008)
Daniel Wack "The Gangster on the Couch: Forms of Artistic Explanation, Gotthold Lessing, and The Sopranos"
Conant, Vogler, and Davidson
Knox College (TT, 2009; tenure 2014)
Katherine Withy “Heidegger on Being Uncanny”
J. Lear (chair), Haugeland, Davidson, and Santner (UChicago Germanic Studies)
Georgetown University (TT, 2009; tenure 2015)