Nethanel Lipshitz

Previous Education

Hebrew University, BA Amirim Honors Program and Psychology (2006), MA Philosophy (2011)



Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Action, and Problems of Rational Choice.

My research focuses on basic equality and the problem of the basis of equality: How can we justify the claim that all human beings are moral equals? In my dissertation, I argue that the moral equality of human beings can be defended even if empirically there is no morally significant property that all human beings equally have.



Dissertation Title: “A Defense of Basic Equality”
Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum, Brian Leiter, Daniel Brudney



PHIL 25213. Cognitive Disability and Human Rights. (=HMRT 25213) Autumn 2017
PHIL 29200-02/29300-02. Junior/Senior Tutorial. Topic: Equality and Its Value. Winter 2018

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, 2017-18