Michael Kolodziej

Previous Education

BA, Philosophy and Western Society and Culture, Concordia University

MA, Contemporary European Philosophy, Kingston University and Université Paris 8

Research Interests

German Idealism (primarily Hegel), Late Medieval Philosophy, 20th-Century European Philosophy, Metaphysics

Recent Courses

PHIL 29200-02/29300-02 Junior/Senior Tutorial

Topic: Hegel's Science of Logic

Hegel's Science Of Logic is a philosophical work of rare ambition. A presuppositionless exposition of the  basic categories of thought, the text at once provides a critique of the concepts foundational to philosophical thought before Hegel, as well as the principles for the philosophical cognition of the realm of nature as well as the sphere of human freedom. In this class we will focus on the third part of Hegel's Logic in order to understand Hegel's sustained account of the nature of concepts, judgment, inference, objecthood and causation. At the same time we will try to formulate answers to the exegetical and philosophical questions that have been prominent in Hegel scholarship: What does it mean for this text to both be a work of logic as well as one of metaphysics? What do we make of Hegel's insights in light of developments in formal logic and the natural sciences since Hegel's time?

Meets with Jr/Sr section. Open only to intensive-track and philosophy majors. No more than two tutorials may be used to meet program requirements.

2020-2021 Autumn