Olivia Sultanescu

Collegiate Assistant Professor, Society of Fellows
Gates-Blake 312
PhD, York University; BA, University of Bucharest
Teaching at UChicago since 2019
Research Interests: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Donald Davidson

Olivia Sultanescu received her PhD from York University (Toronto) and her BA from the University of Bucharest.  She works in the philosophy of language and mind.  Her focus is on foundational issues in the theory of meaning and content, such as normativity, objectivity, and the nature of rule-following.  In her dissertation, Semantic Scepticism and the Possibility of Meaning, she revisits the challenge posed by the meaning sceptic, and attempts to address it by appealing to Donald Davidson’s later writings.

Recent Courses

PHIL 24201/34201 The Philosophy of Donald Davidson

This course investigates the philosophical views of one of the most prominent philosophers of the second half of the twentieth century, Donald Davidson.  We will focus on his later work, which is not so widely discussed as his earlier work, and which revolves around the articulation and defence of his triangulation argument, an argument that purports to shed light on the nature and possibility of language and thought.  We will discuss and assess the plausibility of various interpretations of the argument, exploring its implications for how we conceive of the relationship between mind and world.  Readings will include papers by Davidson and responses by his critics. (B) (III)

2021-2022 Winter