Academic Centers and Programs Affiliated with the Philosophy Department

Center for Interdisciplinary Research on German Literature and Culture

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research on German Literature and Culture supports collaborations among the many scholars at the University of Chicago whose work bears on the cultural traditions of the German-speaking lands. It has together with the Philosophy Department jointly sponsored numerous conferences, workshops and lecture series on topics in German philosophy.

Faculty contact: David Wellbery


Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values

The Center sponsors speakers and conferences to support and encourage the reflective, critical and philosophical study of human values, with a particular emphasis on the conceptual, historical, and empirical foundations of the normative systems -- moral, political, and legal -- in which human beings live.

Faculty contact: Brian Leiter


Chicago Area Ancient Philosophy Group

A consortium that combines the resources of Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago for graduate education in ancient philosophy.
Faculty contact: Gabriel Lear


The Chicago Area Consortium in German Philosophy

The consortium is a collaborative arrangement among scholars in the Chicago area studying German philosophy beginning with Kant and German Idealism, its origins, and its influences on other philosophical traditions.

Faculty contact: Rachel Zuckert


The Chicago Center for Jewish Studies

The Chicago Center for Jewish Studies nurtures dialogue among the many disciplines, scholars, and students engaged in Jewish Studies at the University, through conferences, workshops, lectures, and a wide variety of other programs.

Faculty contact: Josef Stern

Administrator: Daniel Hantman


Civic Knowledge Project

The Civic Knowledge Project (CKP) is the community connections wing of the Humanities Division, and it works in close collaboration with the Department of Philosophy.

Faculty contact: Bart Schultz

For more information:
and the Civic Knowledge Project website.

Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science

An interdisciplinary graduate program dedicated to the study of the history, philosophy, and foundations of science.

Faculty contact: Robert Richards


Committee on Social Thought

Dedicated to the idea that the serious study of any academic topic is best prepared for by acquaintance with classic ancient and modern texts in a trans-disciplinary atmosphere.

Faculty contact: Robert Pippin


Franke Institute for the Humanities

 The Franke Institute for the Humanities sponsors creative and innovative work in established academic disciplines in the arts and humanities and encourages new projects that cross traditional disciplinary and departmental lines. They generously assist in the funding of the majority of the conferences organized by the Philosophy Department each year.  They also sponsor numerous lectures and events each year featuring Philosophy Department faculty.

Faculty contact: James Chandler

Administrative contact: Margot Browning 


Human Rights Program

An interdisciplinary group concerned with both the academic study and promotion of human rights.


Lumen Christi Institute 

The Lumen Christi Institute encourages students and faculty at the University of Chicago to more deeply engage the Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions by hosting visiting fellows and by offering lectures, colloquia, non-credit courses, and other events.  It has contributed financial support to a variety of conferences, workshops and lectures sponsored by the Philosophy Department on topics on ethics, philosophy of religion, and the history of philosophy. 

Administrative Contact: Thomas Levergood


Morris Fishbein Center for the Study of Science and Medicine

The Center sponsors classes, conferences, lectures, and fortnightly workshops in all aspects of the history and philosophy of science, including not only the natural sciences, but also the human sciences and medicine.

Faculty contact: Robert Richards


The Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society

The Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society at the University of Chicago is an ambitious initiative launched by the Division of the Humanities and the Division of the Social Sciences designed to expand the boundaries of humanistic inquiry and focus resources on questions that transcend any single individual, discipline, or methodology. The Neubauer Collegium supports innovative collaborative research projects of University of Chicago faculty, while pioneering efforts to engage a wider public in humanistic scholarship. The Neubauer Collegium also serves as a destination for outstanding visiting scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences from around the nation and the world, who come to collaborate with their peers at the University of Chicago.


Nicholson Center for British Studies

The Nicholson Center for British Studies was formed in order to bring together the university’s strength in things British. To further this mission of interdisciplinary study, the center does all of the following: funds short- and long-term graduate research in the UK; awards grants for undergraduate research in the UK; sponsors six Nicholson Lectures in British Studies per year; hosts graduate-run conferences and other projects on topics of broad interest; co-sponsors a variety of campus events involving British Studies.  It has, together with the Philosophy Department, jointly sponsored numerous conferences, workshops and lecture series either on topics in British philosophy or involving the participation of British philosophers. It has also funded a number of graduate student research projects on British philosophers.

Administrative contact: Kristin Lueke [link to]


Information on their Competitions and Fellowships:

Philosophy of Religions at the University of Chicago

A PhD granting program in the Divinity School, the area in the Philosophy of Religions examines the interaction between philosophy and religion from a diversity of methodological perspectives and in a variety of historical periods and traditions.

Divinity School Program in the Philosophy of Religion

Indian Philosophy at the University of Chicago

Resource Faculty in Philosophy of Religion