Honors and Awards

Special Departmental Honors:
The requirements for Honors include a 3.25 GPA in Philosophy courses, an "A" on the B.A. Essay, and, in addition, the Department's recommendation. Details may be obtained from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The Manley Thompson Book Prize:
Every student who writes a Senior Essay and receives departmental honors will receive a book with a commemorative book plate.

The Lee Family Foundation Essay Prize:
Through the generosity of the Lee Family, two prizes will be awarded in each year for the best essay in practical philosophy and best essay in theoretical philosophy. The Lee Undergraduate Essay Prize is open to students currently registered in the College of the University of Chicago. The essays will be judged by a committee of Philosophy Department faculty. Essays must not exceed 8,000 words. Essays will be due early in spring quarter.  Two hard copies of essays must be submitted at Stuart Hall 202 by the announced deadline. Please do not submit essays via email.

The Dunn Summer Research Grant:
A small number of grants of about $1,000 each will be awarded annually to support summer research on a philosophical topic (such as preparation for writing a BA essay or work on a writing sample for applications to graduate programs).  Applications will be due in the middle of the spring quarter, and will consist of a research proposal of less than 500 words, a letter of support from a faculty member, and a record of the applicant's grades. Please see information on the application process here.

Philip Arthur Epstein Prize for Philosophy and Entrepreneurship
The grant will support a student majoring in philosophy and looking to explore possible ways to apply their academic background to professional paths other than academia. Applicants will need to demonstrate their interest in developing and/or enhancing professional skills in fields/industries outside academia. For additional information please click here.

PRISM Research Grant.
Students propose a summer research project of their own design. The Grant is intended for 1st-, 2nd, and 3rd-years. Up to $1500 awarded. To learn more, visit the PRISM Research Grant Page. You must log in first with your CNetID to find information on how to apply (and view past projects).

The PRISM Summer Research Award:
Students who have officially declared their major in Philosophy are eligible to apply for a PRISM summer research award. Grant amounts will vary but will not exceed $1500. For additional information please click here.

Seidel Scholars PRISM Grants:
The Seidel Scholars PRISM Grant gives students the opportunity to explore a career-related individual project with the hope of inspiring students to translate their academic interests into careers outside of an academic setting. For more information, see here.

Summer Research and Travel Awards Available to Students of Ancient Philosophy:
Students who have a special interest in ancient philosophy are eligible for any one of three summer research and travel awards available to outstanding undergraduate students of classical languages, literature, or civilization. The awards are offered by the Classics Department. The Arthur Adkins Summer Research Fellowship (worth up to $5,000) is targeted to third-year undergraduates with an interest in the ancient world who are bound for graduate school. Applicants must submit to the Classics Secretary Kathy Fox (kfox@uchicago.edu) by early April a transcript, a statement (2-3 pages) outlining their project and its relationship to existing knowledge in the field, a plan of research together with a provisional budget for the summer, and a letter from a faculty supervisor. The John G. Hawthorne Travel Prize (worth up to $5,000) is awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate student of classical languages, literature, or civilization for travel to Greece or Italy or for study of classical materials in other countries. Applicants must submit to Kathy Fox by early April a transcript, project statement (2-3 pages), provisional budget, and a faculty letter of recommendation. The Nancy P. Helmbold Travel Award (worth up to $4,500) is awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate student of Greek and/or Latin for travel to Greece or Italy. Applicants must submit to Kathy Fox by early April a transcript, an itinerary or project statement (2-3 pages), proposed budget, and a faculty letter of recommendation. For yearly deadlines associated with these awards contact Kathy Fox.

Oliver Cromwell Cox and Ernest Everett Just Award:
The Office of the Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues awards annually a $500 prize to the undergraduate senior thesis recommended for departmental honors. The prized thesis must best exemplify the aspirations and achievements of Oliver Cromwell Cox and Ernest Everett Just, graduates of the Division of Social Sciences and the Division of Biological Sciences, respectively. In recognition of the distinct areas of study of the named honorees, college honors level theses from all disciplines are eligible for nomination. See Cox-Just Prize for details.

Nicholson Undergraduate Travel Grant:
Open to University of Chicago undergraduate students from the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions and the New Collegiate Division are eligible. A senior project proposed by any Humanities, Social Sciences, or New Collegiate Division undergraduate who is within a year of graduating, provided that the student requires research – whether in the form of archival, visual, or oral materials – in the British Isles to complete his/her senior thesis. Applicants need not have the British Isles themselves as the subject of their research. We will happily support work on Africa, South Asia, East Asia, North America, the Middle East, or the West Indies that requires substantial research in the British Isles. Research in and projects on Ireland also meet our requirements. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate their need to conduct research on their senior project in the British Isles.

Graduate Teaching Award

Undergraduates may nominate their Department of Philosophy CA or Lecturer for the Graduate Teaching Award.

More information on Fellowships and Awards is available on the Dept's Wiki page (only accessible by current students).