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University of Chicago and Department of Philosophy Links

The Regenstein Library

Directory of Open Access Philosophy Journals  

Dissertation Office

Electronic Journals Database for Classics 

Richard McKeon's papers

Manley Thompson's papers

Regenstein Library Home page

Regenstein Pastmasters Entry Page  

Research guide for philosophy


The Registrar's Office

Course Schedules Page

Student Resources

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The Division of the Humanities

Classroom Technologies and Support

Chicago Center for Teaching

Current Student Information

Dean of Students Office

Grants and Fellowships

News from the Humanities Division

Teaching Opportunities

Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH)

The Division of the Humanities Homepage


Recorded Interviews and Lectures by Dept. of Philosophy Faculty

Elucidations Podcast Series

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Office of the Provost



Committees and Departments Affiliated with the Philosophy Department

The Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science

The Committee on Social Thought

Department of Cinema & Media Studies

Department of Classics

Department of Germanic Studies

Department of Linguistics


Interdisciplinary Centers Affiliated with the Philosophy Department

Center for Gender Studies    

Center for Interdisplinary Research on German Literature and Culture

Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values

Chicago Center for Jewish Studies

Civic Knowledge Project

The Franke Institute for the Humanities

Leo Strauss Center

Lumen Christi Institute

The Morris Fishbein Center for the Study of Science and Medicine

The Nicholson Center for British Studies

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Programs and Groups Affiliated with the Philosophy Department

Chicago Area Consortium on Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

Chicago Consortium in German Philosophy

Computational Theory Group

Human Rights Program

Midwest Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop 

Program in the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science 

Winning Words

Women in Philosophy Group - Concerned with the practical problems of women in a program and a discipline that relatively few women enter. Open to graduate and undergraduate students. Graduate student coordinator: Rachel Goodman


Undergraduate Philosophy Groups and Events

Undergraduate Philosophy Events

Undergraduate Philosophy Club

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Philosophy of Religion at the University of Chicago

Divinity School Program in the Philosophy of Religion

Indian Philosophy at the University of Chicago

Resource Faculty in Philosophy of Religion


Department of Philosophy Workshops

Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Workshop

German Philosophy Workshop

Law and Philosophy Workshop

Literature and Philosophy Workshop

Philosophy of Mind Workshop

Practical Philosophy Workshop

Linguistics and Philosophy Workshop

Wittgenstein Workshop

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Affiliated Workshops in Related Departments

Jewish Studies and the Hebrew Bible Workshop

Political Theory Workshop


Affiliated Philosophy Colloquia

Dewey Lecture in Law and Philosophy

Human Rights Speaker Series (Chicago)

Northwestern Philosophy Colloquia and Events

Social Thought Speaker Series (Chicago)

UIC Philosophy Colloquia and Events

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Affiliated Philosophy Departments in the Immediate Chicago Area

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Department of Philosophy

Northwestern Department of Philosophy


Affiliated Bookstores in the Vicinity of Campus

The Seminary Co-Op Bookstore

Powell's Bookstore

University of Chicago Bookstore

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Career Advancement

Chalk Site

Council on Advanced Studies

The Dissertation Office


PRISM for Philosophy Majors



University of Chicago Journals Affiliated with the Philosophy Department

Classical Philology 

Critical Inquiry  




Philosophy of Science                               

University of Chicago Journals

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University of Chicago Magazines,  Newspapers, and Other Publications

The Maroon


University of Chicago Magazine

University of Chicago News 

University of Chicago Press


Community & Useful U of C Information Sites

About the University

Academic Calendar   

Campus Map

The College 

Graduate Student Resources manual

Hyde Park Map

University of Chicago (home page)

University of Chicago Childcare Resources   

University of Chicago Residential Services 

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Department of Philosophy Wiki Page

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Additional resources

Diversity Resources

1. Posters:

Who Studies Philosophy?

Set of mini-posters on Undergraduate Diversity Institutes in Philosophy

2. Info Sheets:

5 Ways to Be More Inclusive

Advice for Philosophy Undergrads from Underrepresented Groups

Diversity in Philosophy Bibliography

3. Fliers:

APA Travel Assistance Funds

PIKSI Ambassador Program

APA Ombudsperson

Fillable Flier on Local Resources for Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination (online only)

General Scholarship Resources Helpful to Philosophers

Arts and Letters Daily


Catholic Encyclopedia

Eighteenth-Century Resources 

Google Scholar

Intelex Past Masters

Internet Classics Archive

Internet Medieval Sourcebook  

Intratext Digital Archive  


Le Dictionnaire vivant de la langue française 

L'Année philologique on the Internet 

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

Philosophical News  

Project Gutenberg 

The World Wide Web Virtual Library

WordReference Online Language Dictionaries 

Zeno Digital Library

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Philosophical Scholarship Resources

Center for Dewey Studies           

Centre for Iris Murdoch Studies

Directory of Open Access Philosophy Journals 

Ethics Etc.

Ethics Matters

Ethics Resrouces Online

Feminist Philosophers


Husserl Archive

Images of Philosophers

Immanual Kant Links

Islamic Philosophy Online

Kant on the Web

Kierkegaard Blog run by Marilyn Piety

List of logical fallacies

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

On-Line Philosophy Books

Online Resources for Continental Philosophy 

Ordinary Language Philosophy & Literary Studies Online

Philosopher's Information Center

Philosophy Conference Alerts

Philosophy Documentation Center

Philosophy Events 

Philosophy Jobs 

Philosophy News

Philosophy Research Base   

Philosophy Webpage    

Political Philosophy Resources

Tips on writing philosophy papers

Wireless Philosophy 

Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen 

Wittgenstein News

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Philosophical Reference Resources

CMU Philosophy Reources

Dictionary of Philosophy                                     

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Guide to the Philosophy of Mind

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Oxford Philosopher's Index

PhilLex Lexikon der Philosophie     

Philosopher's Index

Philosophy Archive                          

Philosophy Dictionary

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Voice of the Shuttle

Wittgenstein in Philospace

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Guides to Philosophy Resources on the Web

Bioethics Resources on the Web

Björns Guide to Philosophy

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet    

Eighteenth-Century Resources — Philosophy                               

Episteme Links   

Fingerhut Guide to German-Language Philosophy Sites  

List of Philosophy Blogs

Outils de recherche en philosophie

Philosophy Around the Web: Individual Philosophers (compiled by Peter J. King)

Philosophy in the Net

The Philosophy Pages (compiled by Dieter Köhler)

Philosophers' Home Pages (compiled by Peter J. King)

Philosophy Resources on the Web (compiled by David Chalmers)    

Philosophy Sites Organized by Topic 

Ron Barnette's Website of Philosophy Resources 

Wittgenstein on the Web

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Online Philosophy Journals and Magazines

American Dialectic

Ars Disputandi 




Information Philosophie

Journal for the History of Analytic Philosophy

Kant Studies Online



Nordic Wittgenstein Review

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 


Philosophy Now


The Philosopher  

Philosophers' Imprint 

The Philosopher's Magazine

Philosophical News

Russell: The Journal of the Bertand Russell Society  

The Stone


Online Philosophy Papers

Mind Papers    

Online Papers in Philosophy

Online Papers on Consciousness    

Online Philosophy Journals

People with online papers in philosophy (compiled by David Chalmers)


Philosopher's Annual    

Philosophers' Imprint    


Tanner Lectures on Human Values


Digital Philosophy Libraries

The Archive of Scientific Philosophy           

Athenaeum Library of Philosophy

Bertrand Russell Archives

Bertrand Russell Writings Online

Canonical Philosophical Texts   

Continental Philosophy Bibliography Project

Digital Text International  

Early Modern Philosophy Arc

Hegel Texts Online 

History of Analytic Philosophy Archive

Husserl Archive

Husserl Page  

Internet Classics Archive

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Intelex Past Masters

Kant's Writings on the Web

Leibniz Translations in English 

Lucid Cafe Digital Library  

Marx/Engels Collected Works

Marxist Internet Archive

Medieval Logic and Philosophy Website

Perseus Digital Library 

PHILOCTETES Ancient Philosophy Library

The Philosophy of Science Archive

Philosophy Texts Online

Plato's Works on the Internet   

Portale Vico

Pragmatism Cybrary  

Project Vox

Radical Academy

Schopenhauer on the Web 

Studia Spinoziana    

Summa Theologica Online 

Thomas Aquinas Writings Online

Wilfrid Sellars Archives

Willard Van Orman Quine Archives

Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen 

Wittgenstein Portal

Wittgenstein's Published Works

Wittgenstein Sources

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Helpful Sites Devoted to Individual Philosophers

Adam Smith Society

Adam Smith Website

Ancient Philosophers on People Finder

Bentham Project        

Berkeley Society 

Autour de Stanley Cavell                         

Bertrand Russell Archives      

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation  

Bertrand Russell Society 

Boethius Website

Carnap Website   

Center for Dewey Studies      

Centre Georges Canguilhem      

Centre for Iris Murdoch Studies                

Charles S. Peirce Society         

Charles S. Peirce Studies

David Hume Website  

David Hume's Works

Digital Locke Project

Edvard Westermark Online Collection  

Emerson Search Engine            

Emerson Society      

Emmanuel Levinas Webpage     

Foucault Circle     

Foucault Info   

Francis Bacon Website 

Gaston Bachelard Website

Georg Henrik von Wright Online Collection      

George Berkeley Website 

The Grice Club    

Hegel Gesellschaft      

Hegel Glossary  

Hegel Hypertext                              

Hegel Society of America    

Hegel's Texts Online   

Heidegger Resources                  

Herder Society      

Hilary Putnam Webpage                           

Hume Society                

Husserl Page                                          

International Kierkegaard Information       

James Society                                        

Jaspers Society

Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

John Locke Resources

John Locke Website                                 

Kant Links                                         

Kant on the Web   

The Karl Popper Web                                    

Kierkegaard Blog     

Kierkegaard Resources                    

Kierkegaard Society                                 

Kurt Gödel Society    

Lacan Dot Com                               


Montaigne Studies    


Nietzsche News Center     

Nietzsche Source                          

North American Fichte Society                  

North American Kant Society                     

Peirce Gateway 

Plato Society                                        

Portale Vico                                            

Quine Page           

Ramsey Webpage     

Richard Rorty Webpage      

Robert Boyle Project     

Rousseau Association                               

Royce Society               

Russell Texts Online              

Schopenhauer Research Center

St. Augustine Website

Stanley Cavell (in French)   

Studia Spinoziana                                    

Thomistic Philosophy             

Thoreau Society    

The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives

William James Studies

Wittgenstein Archives     

Wittgenstein Source                                                              

Wittgenstein Website       


Philosophical Associations & Organizations


Philosophical Associations & Organizations in the United States

American Catholic Philosophical Association

American Philosophical Association

American Society for Aesthetics

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy 

American Society of Bioethics and Humanities  

Ancient Philosophy Society   

Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry   

Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking  

Association for Professional and Practical Ethics

Association for Symbolic Logic

Association of Chinese Philosophers in North America      

Bertrand Russell Society

Charles S. Peirce Society

Foucault Circle

The Hegel Society of America   

The History of Early Analytic Philosophy Society

Josiah Royce Society       

Karl Jaspers Society of North America                                                         

Leibniz Society of North America  

Merleau-Ponty Circle 

Metaphysical Society of America    

National Philosophical Counseling Association

Nietzsche Channel                

Nietzsche Research Guide

Molinari Society            

Nietzsche Source

North American Kant Society

North American Society for Social Philosophy

Philosophy of Education Society

Philosophy of Science Association

Pierre Bayle Home Page

Polanyi Society

Radical Philosophy Association

Ralph Waldo Emerson Society   

Santayana Society   

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

Society for Analytical Feminism

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Society for Exact Philosophy

Society for German Idealism 

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

Society for the Philosophy of Agency 

Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World

Society for Social and Political Philosophy       

Society for Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy

Society for the Study of Women Philosophers

Society for Women in Philosophy

Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts

Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism

Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love  

Society for the Philosophy of the Human Life Issues

Society for the Study of Process Philosophies 

Society of Christian Philosophers

Society of Philosophers in America                  

The Søren Kierkegaard Society

Southwestern Philosophical Society 

Spinoza Research Network

Spinoza Resouces (University of Amsterdam)

Thoreau Society

Voltaire Foundation                

Voltaire Website  

William James Society                                     

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Philosophical Associations & Organizations in Canada

Atlantic Region Philosophers Association

Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking

Canadian Bioethics Society

Canadian Philosophical Association

Canadian Society for Aesthetics

Canadian Philosophy of Education Society

Canadian Society for Epistemology

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science

Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics

Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy  

Société de Philosophie du Québec  

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Philosophical Associations & Organizations in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East

Asian Philosophical Association

Australasian Association of Philosophy

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy  

Australian Association of Professional and Applied Ethics

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences          

Indian Council of Philosophical Research   

Indian Philosophical Congress

Iranian Philosophical Society            

Korean Philosophical Association 

International Society for Chinese Philosophy     

Philosophical Association of the Philippines 

Philosophical Society of Southern Africa             

Philosophical Society of Turkey


Philosophical Associations & Organizations in Latin America

Asociación Filosófica de la República Argentina        

Asociación Filosófica de México   

Centro de Investigaciones Filosóficas

Instituto brasileiro de filosofia                                    

Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosófico

Sociedad venezolana de filosofia     

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Philosophical Associations & Organizations in the U. K. & Ireland

Arché Philosophical Research Centre

Aristotelian Society

British Logic Colloquium 

British Philosophical Association

British Society for Ethical Theory

British Society for the History of Philosophy 

British Society for the Philosophy of Religion

British Society for the Philosophy of Science

British Society of Aesthetics

British Wittgenstein Society

Friedrich Nietzsche Society 

Forum for European Philosophy

Hume Society

Iris Murdoch Society  

Irish Philosophical Society

Mind Association

Philosophical Society of England

Royal Institute of Philosophy

Scots Philosophical Association

Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association

Society for Applied Philosophy

Society for Women in Philosophy in the U.K.

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Philosophical Associations & Organizations on the European Continent

Association for Logic, Language, and Information

Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society

Baltic Philosophy Network 

Croatian Philosophical Society                   

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie

European Centre for Philosophy and Psychology

European Society for Analytic Philosophy

Filosofisk Forum    

Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie


Hungarian Philosophical Association                        

Institut Jean Nicod

Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 

Institute Vienna Circle

Kant Gesellschaft

Kurt Gödel Society

Marx Gesellschaft 


Nordic Wittgenstein Society 

Philosophical Society of Finland

Polish Philosophical Society   

Russian Philosophical Society                                      

Schelling Gesellschaft

Sociedad Española de Filosofía Analítica 

Società italiana di filosofia

Société française de philosophie 

Société de Philosophie Analytique

Société Philosophique de Louvain

Société Suisse de Philosophie

Society for European Philosophy

Spinoza Gesellschaft

The Swiss Portal for Philosophy 

Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science  

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International Philosophical Associations & Organizations

Académie internationale de philosophie des sciences

Hume Society

International Adam Smith Society    

Internathional Association for Computing and Philosophy

International Association for Environmental Philosophy  

International Association for Greek Philosophy

International Association for Philosophy and Literature

International Association for Scottish Philosophy

International Association of Bioethics 

International Association of Women Philosophers

International Berkeley Society 

International Federation of Philosophical Societies

International Herder Society

Internationale Hegel-Gesellschaft 

Internationale Hegel-Vereinigung    

International Ludwig Wittgenstein Society

International Plato Society  

International Society for Comparative Stuides of Chinese and Western Philosophy

International Society for Environmental Ethics 

International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science

International Society for Neo-Platonic Studies

International Thomas Aquinas Society

Institut International de Philosophie

Le Collège international de philosophie

Rousseau Asssociation  

Société Internationale pour l'Études de Philosophie Médiévale

World Phenomenology Institute

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Organizations and Websites Devoted to the Teaching of Philosophy

Agora Philosophy Teaching Materials

American Association of Philosophy Teachers

Answers Enclycopedia

In Socrates' Wake

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children

Last Days of Socrates  


Routledge A-Level Philosophy                                  

Teaching Philosophy 


Philosophical Research Centers


Philosophical Research Centers in North America

Boston University Center for Philosophy and History of Science

Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science

Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology

Center for Applied Philosophy and Ethics in the Professions

Center for Consciousness Studies

Center for Dewey Studies 

Center for Environmental Ethics 

Center for Law, Philosophy and Culture

Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences 

Center for the Study of Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems

Center for the Study of Language and Information

Center for the Study of Ethics and Morality        

Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions 

Center for Philosophy and the Sciences

Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature         

Center for the Philosophy of Biology 

Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies   

Center for the Philosophy of Religion  

Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics    

Emory Institute for the History of Philosophy  

Harvard Philosophical Psychology Lab

Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics         

Jacques Maritain Center   

Kennedy Institute of Ethics          

Kierkegaard Library      

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Metaphysics Research Lab at Stanford                       

Minnesota Center for Bioethics                           

Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science  

Pittsburgh Center for the Philosophy of Science  

Princeton Center for Human Values         

Social Philosophy and Policy Center  

Toronto Centre for Bioethics       

University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics                          

Vanderbilt Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society     

Yale Center for Law and Philosophy

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Philosophical Research Centers in Europe and Australia

Arché Philosophical Research Centre 

Australian Institute of Ethics and the Professions 

Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society

Cambridge Wittgenstein Archive

Centre for Computing in Philosophy 

Center for the Cognitive Sciences and Semantics (CCSS) 

Center for the History of Philosophy and Science

Center for Subjectivity Research

Centre de International d’Etude de la Philosophie Française Contemporaine

Centre de Recherche en Philosophie Economique 

Centre for Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy and Science

Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics 

Centre Georges Canguilhem

Centre for Iris Murdoch Studies

Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science

Centre for Philosophy and Phenomenological Studies 

Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy

Centre for the Study of Global Ethics  

The Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature

Centre of Theology and Philosophy   

Eidos Centre for Metaphysics

Forschungskolleg Analytic German Idealism  

German Philosophy Center  

Innovationszentrum Wissensforschung

Internationales Zentrum für Philosophie Nordrhein-Westfalen

Institut Jean Nicod  

Institute of Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, University of Oxford  

Institute Vienna Circle  

Jan van Eyck Academie 

Max Planck Institute for History of Science

Mind, Language, and Action Group 

Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy

Nietzsche Archive Weimar

Nietzsche-Gesellschaft  Naumburg

Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy 

Research Centre for Greek Philosophy

The Schopenhauer Research Centre

Søren Kierkegaard Research Center

Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science

William James Center of the University of Potsdam

Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen 

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Philosophy News Sources

Alltop Philosophy News     

Information Philosophie    

Jobs in Philosophy 

Philosopher's Information Center    

Philosophy Conferences Worldwide

Philosophy in The Guardian       

Philosophy in the News   

Philosophy News           

The Stone                                           

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Philosophical Humor

12 Types Of Food Improved By Famous Philosophers

Action Philosophers!

Ali G interviews Noam Chomsky  (Youtube)

"An Epistle on the Subject of the Aesthetic and Ethical Beliefs of Herr Ludwig Wittgenstein"

Anagrams for Wittgenstein

Bad Ass Philosophers

Bertrand Russell in Bollywood

Bertrand Russell's Wit

Beyond the Fringe on Oxford Philosophy (Youtube)

Book of Bad Arguments

Causes of death of philosophers 

Derrida and Wittgenstein on the biggest question of all time (Youtube)

Franz Kafka Airport (The Onion)

Faux Philosophy News 

G. E. Moore's Proof of the External World (Youtube)

German Idea of Freedom (Youtube)

Gary Hardcastle on Analytic Philosophy and Monty Pytho

Heinrich Heine on Immanuel Kant (PDF)

Hitler finds out about his philosophy grad school applications (Youtube)

Immanuel Kant Song (Youtube)

Isaiah Berlin spoofed

Journal of Universal Rejection 

Kant Attack Ad

Kant Book Ad (Youtube)

Kierkegaard in '08 (Youtube)

Leviatan (Youtube)


Lost Wittgenstein manuscript

Monty Python on Oxbridge Philosophy (Youtube)

Prince Fielder Wondering If He Has Truly Free Agency                                 

Mind -- Special Illustrated Christmas Number, 1901 (PDF)

Marxist Boxing Championship (Youtube)

Monty Python - Philosophers' World Cup

Parable of the Butcher and the Analytic Philosopher

Philosopher Shaming

Philosophical lexicon  

Philosophical Theories Explained in terms of Shape

Philosophy Action Figures

Philosophy Light-Bulb Jokes  

Philosophy of Life: Woody Allen vs. Mia Farrow (Youtube)

The Postmodernism Generator

Reading and Time (Youtube)

Rejection Letters of Philosophers

Robert Brandom's "Critical Notice of Blind and Worried" (PDF)

Russell and Moore on bare plurals

Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday (Youtube)

Sidney Morgenbesser stories and quotations

Socrates Argument Clinic         

Socratic Robologues: Euthyphro

Unemployed Philosophers Guild

The View from the Clouds

What early Greek philosophy was not like

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize

Woody Allen on Existentialism (Youtube)

Wittgenstein on fog-like sensations  

Woody Allen - My philosophy

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