Placements and Recently Completed PhDs

From New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science ". . . the top-ten departments for placement in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 are U Chicago, Rutgers, UCLA, Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame, Berkeley, Pittsburgh, Princeton, and U Toronto, all of whom placed 12 or more candidates over the past two years in outside departments." (U Chicago had the best record, placing 18 candidates.) The data is sourced from ProPhilosophy, the link for which you can find here

Below, listed in alphabetical order by year, you will find the names of the most recent graduates and placements in our PhD Program, the titles of their dissertations, a list of the members of their dissertation committees, and a link to a ten-page abstract of their dissertation. In some cases, you will also find a link to a website where the entire text of the dissertation may be posted.


Judy Hensley
Placement: Roberts & Holland, LLP
Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer (chair), Daniel Brudney, Anton Ford, Martin Stone (The New School for Social Research)
Dissertation: Equity Strikes Back: The Lost Ideal of Aristotelian Equitable Justice in Contemporary Statutory Interpretation"


Mark Hopwood
Placement: Sewanee: The University of the South (TT) (2014).
Dissertation Committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Jonathan Lear, Dan Brudney, Agnes Callard
Dissertation: Love's Work: Eros and Moral Agency


Alyssa Luboff
Placement: Grand Valley State University 3-year Visiting Assistant Professor (2014). 
Dissertation Committee: Michael Forster, Candace Vogler, Anubav Vasudevan, Richard Shweder (Comparative Human Developement)
Dissertation: On the Ground: Opening a Coherent Space for the Insights of Cultural Relativism - Abstract PDF


Tucker McKinney
Placement: Visiting Assistant Professorship at the College of William and Mary in Virginia (2014)
Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Jonathan Lear, Bill Blattner
Dissertation: Heidegger on Human Finitude and Normative Governance - Abstract PDF


Jennifer Rothschild
Placement: University of Florida (TT) (2014).
Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair), Candace Vogler, Anton Ford
Dissertation: Striving to be Better: Incomplete character and the unity of the virtues - Abstract PDF


Joshua Schwartz
Placement: Instructor, California State University San Bernardino (2014)
Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer (Chair), Josef Stern, and Kevin Davey.
Dissertation: “Quine, Disquotation, and Truth” - Abstract PDF



Stina Bäckstöm
Placement: Kone Foundation Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Åbo Academy University in Finland (2013).
Dissertation Committee: David Finkelstein (chair), Jason Bridges, Agnes Callard, Martin Gustafsson (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)
Dissertation: The Mind's Movement: A New Account of Expressive Action - Abstract PDF


Josef Lubenow
Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair), Ben Laurence, Robert Gooding-Williams (Political Science)
Dissertation: On the Foundations of Human Rights - Abstract PDF


Nathan Rothschild
Placement: Placement: University of Florida (Lecturer) 2014; Postdoctoral fellowship, Bowdoin College in Maine (2013).


Rachel Goodman
Placement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy of Mind, Nature of Representation project, University of Leeds (2013-2017); Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall (2012)
Dissertation committee: Josef Stern (Chair), Jason Bridges, James Conant and Michael Kremer.
Dissertation: "Singular Thought: Making the Most of the Notion" - Abstract PDF


Aidan Gray
Placement: University of Illinois at Chicago (TT) (2012)

Dissertation Committee: Josef Stern (chair), Michael Kremer, Chris Kennedy (Linguistics).
Dissertation: "Names and Name-bearing: An essay on the predicate view of names" - Abstract PDF


Rafeeq Hasan
Placement: Harper and Schmidt Collegiate Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago (2012)

Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Daniel Brudney, and Martha Nussbaum.
Dissertation: "Obligation and Happiness in Rousseau" - Abstract PDF


Lisa Hicks
Placement: Lecturer in the Structured Liberal Education Program, Stanford University, a renewable postdoc position (2013); Visiting Lecturer at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) (2012)

Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair), Michael Forster, Charles Larmore
Dissertation: Pathologies of the Self: Nietzsche on Self-Creation - Abstract PDF


Ryan Long
Placement: Philadelphia University (TT) (2012)
Law & Philosophy Fellow, The University of Chicago Law School (2011)

Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum, Dan Brudney, John Deigh
Dissertation: "Responsibility and Equality" - Abstract PDF


Thomas Lockhart
Placement: Auburn University (TT) (2012)
Quinnipac University (TT) (2011)

Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer (chair), James Conant, Josef Stern.
Dissertation: "Frege, singular terms and logical objects" - Abstract PDF


Colin Patrick
Placement: Pacific University, Visiting Assistant Professorship (2011)

Dissertation Committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Robert Pippin, Charles Larmore
Dissertation: "Internalism, Practical Relations, and Psychologism" - PDF


Will Small

Placement: University of Illinois-Chicago (TT) (2013); Post-doctoral Researcher, Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo (2012)

Dissertation Title: "Two Kinds of Practical Knowledge"
Dissertation Committee: Candace Vogler(chair), Jason Bridges, Jim Conant, Anton Ford
Abstract PDF


Nate Zuckerman
Placement: Assitant Professor (TT), Spring Hill College (2013); Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound (2012)

Dissertation Title: "Heidegger's Notion of Originary Temporality"
Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Jonathan Lear, and Taylor Carman (Columbia)



John Hannon
Placement: Exectuive Director of Client Services, Research Pros

Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair), Elizabeth Asmis, Robert Richards.
Dissertation: "Aristotle's Conception of Science: The Case of On Youth and Old Age, and Life and Death, and Respiration" - Abstract PDF


Erica Holberg
Placement: Utah State University (TT) (2011)
Dissertation Committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Gabriel Richardson Lear, Jonathan Lear
Dissertation: "Pleasure and the Nature of the Ethical Subject" - Abstract PDF


Jennifer Lockhart
Placement: Auburn University (TT) (2012)
Postdoc, Stanford University (Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities) (2011)

Dissertation Committee: Jonathan Lear (chair), Dan Brudney, Agnes Callard, James Conant
Dissertation: "Kierkegaard: Indirect Communication and Ignorant Knowledge" - Abstract PDF

Micah Lott
Placement: Boston College (TT) (2012)
Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh (2011)
Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Gabriel Lear, Anton Ford, and Anselm Müller
Dissertation: "Human Form and Moral Goodness" - Abstract PDF


Justin Shaddock
Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor (3-year position) at Williams College (2014)
Mellon Postdoc, Williams College (2012)

Dissertation committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Michael Forster, Karl Ameriks (University of Notre Dame), and Paul Franks (University of Toronto)
Dissertation: "Kant's Transcendental Methodology: An Essay on Justification, Objectivity, and Subjectivity in Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories" - Abstract PDF

Charles Todd
Placement: University of Chicago Priztker School of Medicine, Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Dissertation Committee: Dissertation Committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Martha Nussbaum, Gabriel Richardson Lear, Agnes Callard
Dissertation: "Life Interrupted: Akrasia, Action, and Active Irrationality" - Abstract PDF

Julio Tuma
Placement: University of Pennsylvania, Lecturer in Integrated Studies (honors) program (2012)

Dissertation: " Biological Boundaries" - Abstract PDF
Dissertation Advisors: William Wimsatt (chair), Robert Richards, Robert Perlman (Medical School), Vivian Weil (IIT)



Kristin Boyce
Placement: Mississippi State University (TT) (2014); ACLS postdoc, Johns Hopkins University (2012), Postdoc, Stanford University (2010)

Dissertation: “Why Wander into Fiction? Analytic Philosophy and the Case Study of Henry James”

Dissertation Committee: James Conant and Michael Kremer (co-chairs), Daniel Brudney, Jonathan Lear
Dissertation: "Re-examining the Philosophical Relevance of Henry James" Abstract PDF


Jay Elliot
Placement: Bard College (TT) (2013); Iona College (TT) (2012)
Mellon Postdoc, Yale University

Dissertation Committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Arnold Davidson, Jonathan Lear, Dan Brudney, Gabriel Richardson Lear
Dissertation: "Prudent Virtues" Abstract PDF


Daesuk Han
Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer (chair), Jim Conant, Josef Stern
Dissertation: "Clarity and Silence, A Nonstandard Reading of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-philosophicus" Abstract PDF



Nathaniel Hansen
Placement: Lecturer, University of Reading, UK (2012)
Postdoc, Umeå University (Sweden) (2012)
Postdoc, Institut Jean-Nicod (Paris) (2010-2011)

Dissertation Committee: Josef Stern (chair), James Conant, Michael Kremer, Jason Bridges, David Finkelstein
Dissertation: Radical Contextualism” Abstract PDF
Website -


Karolina Huebner
University of Toronto (TT) (2010)

Dissertation Committee: Arnold Davidson (chair), Charles Larmore, Yitzhak Melamed, Steven Nadler
Dissertation:"Spinoza on Substance as Cause" Abstract PDF


Thomas Land
Postdoc Preceptor, MAPH Program, University of Chicago
Postdoc, Corpus Christi College Cambridge (2010)

Dissertation Committee: Jim Conant (chair), Robert Pippin, Michael Kremer, Daniel Sutherland (UIC)
Dissertation: "Kant's Theory of Synthesis" Abstract PDF




Daniel Groll
Placement: Carleton College (TT) (2009)

Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair),Jason Bridges, Daniel Brudney, Richard Kraut (Northwestern) and Gabriel Richardson Lear
Dissertation:"'It's My Life and I'll Do What I Want': Valuing Autonomy" Abstract PDF


David Possen
Placement: Postdoc, Yale University (2009)

Dissertation Committee: Jonathan Lear (chair), James Conant
Dissertation:“Søren Kierkegaard  and the Very Idea of Advance Beyond Socrates" Abstract PDF


Irina Ruvinsky

Placement: School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008)

Dissertation Committee: Michael Forster (chair), Charles Larmore, Thomas Pavel
Dissertation: "The Circle of Time: Hermeneutic Structure of A La Recherche du Temps Perdu"

Daniel Wack
Placement: Knox College (TT) (received tenure May 2014)

James Conant, Candace Vogler, Arnold Davidson
Dissertation: " Forms of Artistic Explanation: The Gangster on the Couch" Abstract PDF



Kate Withy
Placement: Georgetown University (TT) (2009)

Dissertation Committee: Jonathan Lear (chair), John Haugeland, Arnold Davidson, Eric Santner (German dept)
Dissertation:“Heidegger on Being Uncanny” - Abstract PDF



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