Women in Philosophy

photo of Stuart Hall copyright Reznik 111


Women in Philosophy is a graduate and faculty group dedicated to creating philosophical environments in which women feel both encouraged and challenged.  Our aim is to be a resource for women interested in studying philosophy, and to provide a space where women already working in philosophy can get together to share our successes and challenges as students, researches, educators, and colleagues. 
We host various events throughout the year including undergraduate lunches, Women in Philosophy invited guest speakers, and graduate and faculty dinners. 
In 2012 we surveyed the entire undergrad student body in order to find out more about how gender affected their classroom experience.  We then hosted a department-wide meeting—faculty and graduate students—to address the unique pedagogical issues that arise in the undergraduate classroom, and brainstorm how to reach out to women and create an academic space in which they can thrive. In 2015 we had another departmental meeting, and are currently developing new plans for the coming years.
Feel free to contact Claudia Hogg-Blake (claudiahoggblake [at] uchicago [.] edu) with any inquiries, concerns, or suggestions.