Summary of Time Expectations

  • By the end of the sixth quarter (normally, the second year):
    • Twelve courses plus first year seminar completed
    • Preliminary essay topic proposal completed.
  • By the first day of the eight quarter (normally, winter quarter of the third year):
    • Preliminary essay completed.
  • By the end of the ninth quarter (normally, by the end of 7th week of the spring quarter):
    • A first tentative draft of a Dissertation Sketch submitted and a preliminary meeting with the potential committee held.
  • By the beginning of the tenth quarter (normally, fall of the fourth year):
    • A final Dissertation Sketch, including the schedule and format for the Topical, should be approved, following a meeting with the dissertation committee.
  • By the beginning of the eleventh quarter (normally, winter of the fourth year):
    • Language exam passed.
    • Topical passed.
    • At this point the student is admitted to candidacy for the Ph. D.
  • By the end of the fourteenth quarter (normally, winter of the fifth year):
    • The student should have completed enough material to be competitive for dissertation year fellowships: at least one chapter of the dissertation and enough material blocked out to give advisors reason to believe that the thesis can be completed by the beginning of the student's seventh year.
  • The end of the fifteenth quarter (normally, spring of the fifth year):
    • GAI fellowships, hence, guaranteed funding, expire.

Students who do not meet these expectations may be refused permission to continue in the program.

At the beginning of the sixteenth quarter (normally, the beginning of the sixth year):

  • graduate students become eligible for dissertation-year fellowship funding

Prior to the fall quarter in which they wish to go on the job market, graduate students must enroll in The Placement Workshop.

Note: Students must discuss their plans for a defense with their committees during the term PRIOR to the term in which the plan to request a defense.