Student Interfolio Information

Please set up an Interfolio account. Highlights of the service include:

  • One-day service on all file send requests
  • Complete online management of files
  • Online storage of other application documents, such as C.V.s, writing samples, cover letters, etc. will manage the operations of the credentials file services, while the departmental placement director will provide counseling and guidance on how to obtain reference letters and prepare effective applications.

A reference file account with Interfolio includes 250 MB of document storage space, which is typically enough to hold 100 typed pages. Additional space can be purchased. constructs its fees in two ways: a file holder first arranges to open a file account in one-year increments, and then each time a file holder requests that the file be sent, a send fee is assessed. is designed to ensure that this process is easy and reasonably priced. It takes only a few minutes to establish a new account.

As you register for Interfolio, choose the University of Chicago philosophy section as your affiliation. Do not restrict access to your files as doing so will block the committee from reviewing your dossier. If the system doesn't allow you to affiliate automatically, please subsequently contact Interfolio's help desk and request that your file be affiliated with the University of Chicago philosophy section.

You will need at least three letters from faculty members who know your work. Please give them plenty of time and explicit instructions: remind them of the relevant deadlines and be sure to give them the form you receive from Interfolio (more about this below). In addition, ask the chair of your thesis committee (or some other faculty member, if appropriate) to write about your teaching. Make copies of your teaching evaluations or any other information that would be helpful.

When you request a letter, you will need a form from Interfolio. Basically, you tell Interfolio that you will request a letter from Professor Quitesmart. Interfolio then makes a page for you to print that has two pieces of information:

  1. Instructions to Professor Quitesmart
  2. An identifying number

The identifying number is used to associate a file that Interfolio's computer receives (some time in the future) with the information you just gave it, namely, that the letter is from Professor Quitesmart and for you. Interfolio has a reasonable help system, but it's set up such that it is impossible to link to the page that describes this in greater detail. Go to the page for File Holders (that's you), go to the Help Desk, and look for questions concerning adding a letter of recommendation or generating cover forms. This sounds terribly complex, but it isn't. It's one of those things that is easy to do but hard to describe.

Once you have set up your own personal Interfolio account, you should upload all of the elements of your job dossier onto Interfolio. Once your letter-writers have also uploaded their letters onto Interfolio, you can then instruct Interfolio to send out your entire dossier, including your letters of recommendation, to each of the places to which you are applying.