The Placement Workshop

This workshop is for Philosophy Ph.D. students who are planning on seeking an academic job as a philosophy professor. The workshop is taught by the Placement Director, with the assistance of other members of the departmental faculty.

The workshop is designed to help students to complete and polish all the required components of a job dossier and to provide other sorts of preparation for going on the academic job market in philosophy. Individual sessions of the workshop are devoted to discussing and working together through drafts of (1) the various components of each job seeker’s dossier: the cover letter, CV, research statement, short and long dissertation abstracts, teaching portfolio, and writing sample; and (2) the research and teaching “spiels” that job seekers need to prepare in advance of their job interviews, and (3) their job talks and accompanying materials. In addition, members of the workshop will discuss and work on writing samples, personal web sites, interview skills, job talk presentation skills, and the teaching of sample classes.

The workshop will also provide the framework within which further additional placement-related events will be scheduled on behalf of graduate students planning to go on the market, such as mock interviews, practice job-talks, and practice sample undergraduate classes.

Each annual sequence of the Placement workshop meets for the first three times at the end of the spring quarter of a given academic year and then meets again for an additional seven times, resuming prior to the start of the following fall quarter, with the first two fall meetings taking place during the middle two weeks of September, before the University of Chicago's academic year officially starts.

In order to enroll in the initial Spring Quarter meetings of the workshop, a student must first secure the permission of their dissertation committee. This involves a judgment on the part of that committee that there is a reasonable chance that the student in question will be far enough along with their dissertation to begin looking for a job during the following Fall Quarter. In order for that student to continue to participate in the workshop in that quarter, the dissertation committee must make a further determination, by the end of the intervening summer, that the student in question is, indeed, now ready to go on the job market. Both of those determinations are to be communicated by the chair of the student's dissertation committee to the Placement Director.

The Placement Workshop is required for all students who are planning to go on the job market; and it is open only to students who have secured permission to participate in it. Students who are not involved in the workshop during a given Fall Quarter will be presumed by the Department not to be planning on seeking jobs for the first time during that quarter.

It is possible to have the requirement of taking the Placement Workshop waived under special circumstances, if the petition to have it waived is approved by both the members of the student's dissertation committee and the Placement Director.

The placement director for 2017-18 is Matt Boyle.