Job Placement


Our Placement Record

Please click here for a list of graduate student placement since 1997.

From New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science ". . . the top-ten departments for placement in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 are U Chicago, Rutgers, UCLA, Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame, Berkeley, Pittsburgh, Princeton, and U Toronto, all of whom placed 12 or more candidates over the past two years in outside departments." (U Chicago had the best record, placing 18 candidates.) The data is sourced from ProPhilosophy, the link for which you can find here

The Placement Committee

The placement director is Matt Boyle. He will play the primary role in reviewing CVs, writing samples, and letters and is primarily responsible for Interfolio and interview preparation. He will be at the APA convention and available throughout the year.

The Placement Workshop

This workshop is for Philosophy Ph.D. students who are planning on seeking an academic job as a philosophy professor. The workshop is taught by the Placement Director, with the assistance of other members of the departmental faculty. It is designed to help students to complete and polish all the required components of a job dossier and to provide other sorts of preparation for going on the academic job market. For more information on the Placement Workshop, please click here.

The Placement Process

Under the direction of the Placement Committee, the Department as a whole is deeply involved each year in the placement process. We are committed to seeing to it that all of the students who complete our Ph.D. program secure tenure-track jobs. Beginning with the end of the Spring Quarter prior to the year that a student goes on the job market  and extending into the beginning of the Fall Quarter of that year, a number of placement workshops are held in which the entire placement process is first outlined and then joined, with special workshops offering guidance in the preparation of CVs, teaching statements, research statements, writing samples, and job talks. During the Fall Quarter, with the involvement of the membership of the entire faculty, several rounds of practice job interviews are held for each student seeking a job in that year.
The Department also sponsors a Graduate Research Conference in December each year for students to give practice job talks.

Information about funding for going on the job market can be found on the student wiki here (current PhD students only).


We use a dossier service called Interfolio for placement dossiers. Interfolio holds an entire dossier in electronic form: CV, writing sample, letters, and anything else. These materials can be reviewed by the Placement Committee and are printed out and mailed by Interfolio on the job candidate's request. Please use the links to the left to learn more about Interfolio.

Letters should be submitted to Interfolio by 1 October.


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