Current Graduate Students

Graduate students in philosophy once represented a comparatively homogenous cross-section of American society -- as the above photograph of John Dewey and his cohort, taken in 1885 (nine years before Dewey joined the faculty of the University of Chicago and became the Philosophy Department's first Chairman) helps to make evident. Now almost evenly divided between students from North America and elsewhere, our current cohort of graduate students constitutes an altogether different kind of crew. Look below and see for yourself!

Below you will find all of the graduate students currently enrolled in our PhD program. Those who are in their first three years in the program describe their interests and their previous education prior to joining our program. Those who are in their fourth year or beyond also list their dissertation topic and the names of the faculty members currently serving on their dissertation committee. 

In addition, we provide below the email address of each of our graduate students. If you are a prospective graduate student interested in learning more about our doctoral program -- and, in particular, more about how well how our program might suit you -- you might want to contact one or two of the individuals below whose philosophical interests or educational background most closely resembles your own.

For information about those of our graduate students who have recently completed our PhD program, and for Placements, please click here.



Chris Allen

Email: chrisallen at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Philosophy of Perception, Consciousness; Political Philosophy; Early Analytic Philosophy, esp. Frege
Previous Education: BA, Berkeley (2013)

Garrett Allen

garrett allen

Email: garrettallen at uchicago dot edu
Interests: I'm interested in Plato's dialogues, especially in relation to questions of knowledge, self-knowledge and ignorance, and to the nature of discourse. I also have special interests in Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche. 
Previous education: 
BA, University of Nebraska (2013)
Humboldt University of Berlin (2014)

Amichai Amit

Email: amichaia at uchicago dot edu
Fields of interest: Ethics, Epistemology
Thinkers: Kant, Wittgenstein
Previous education: MA Philosophy, Tel Aviv University

Kate Andrews

Email: andrewsk at uchicago dot edu
Interests:   self-knowledge, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of action, ethics
Previous Education: BA in Philosophy and Neuroscience, Colgate University, 2013

Anastasia Artemyev Berg

Email: anaberg at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Metaphysics, Ethics; Kant Education: BA, English and American Literature and Language, Harvard (2009)
Dissertation committee: Robert Pippin (chair), James Conant, Irad Kimhi
Joint Degree Program in Social Thought and Philosophy

Jeremy Bell

Email: bellj at uchicago dot edu
Joint Degree Program in Social Thought and Philosophy
Interests: Aquinas, Leo Strauss, Wittgenstein, Natural Law, Causality.
Previous education: B.A. (2003) and M.Phil. (2006) from the University of Sydney.
Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Candace Vogler, Anselm Mueller.

Nir Ben Moshe

Email: nir at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Ethics, Metaethics & Practical Reason; Moral Psychology (incl. Nietzsche & Freud); Scottish Enlightenment Philosophy; Biomedical Ethics; History of Ethics; Social & Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Action; 19th Century European Philosophy; Philosophy of Psychoanalysis; Wittgenstein
Dissertation Title: "Idealization and the Moral Point of View: An Adam Smithian Account of Moral Reasons"
Dissertation Committee: Daniel Brudney, Samuel Fleischacker (UIC), Brian Leiter (co-chair), Martha Nussbaum (co-chair)
Previous Education: B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, Hebrew University; M.A. in Philosophy, Hebrew University; M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Hebrew University

Sara Bosworth

sara bosworth
Email: Bosworth at uchicago dot edu
Interests: philosophy of language, metaphysics, logic, early analytic philosophy
Previous Education: Hamilton College, B.A., New School for Social Research, M.A
Dissertation title: "Propositional attitude reports and object-dependent sense: a defense of Fregean reference-shifting"
Dissertation committee: Josef Stern (chair), Michael Kremer, Jason Bridges

Joe Brewer

joe brewer

Email: joebrewer at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Kant, German Philosophy, logic. 
Previous education: BA (Hons), Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 2012

Pascal Brixel

Email: brixel at uchicago dot edu
Interests: moral and political philosophy, philosophy of action, philosophy of philosophy
Previous education: BA Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Oxford); MA Philosophy (Tufts)

Silver Bronzo

Email: bronzo at uchicago dot edu

My research interests focus on the History of Analytic Philosophy and the Philosophy of Language. My dissertation presents an interpretation and defense of the Context Principle and shows its relevance for contemporary philosophy of language. I discuss the original formulations of the principle in Frege and early Wittgenstein, as well as the extension of the principle that can be found in Austin. I argue that the principle, in its original formulations, asserts the conceptual interdependence between the meanings of words and the meanings of sentences, and in its extended version, the conceptual interdependence between the various aspects of the speech act. Moreover, I contrast the views that I attribute to Frege, early Wittgenstein, and Austin with the forms of contextualism championed by empiricist authors such as Bentham and Russell. My conclusion is that there is a powerful and neglected strand in early analytic philosophy that challenges widespread atomistic assumptions in contemporary philosophy of language.

This project originated from my long-standing interest in Wittgenstein, which first brought me to the University of Chicago. Wittgenstein and a number of Wittgensteinian philosophers such as Anscombe, Cavell, Diamond, and McDowell have largely contributed to shaping my sense of how progress can be made in philosophy. Other topics on which I have worked include the debate concerning "resolute readings" of the Tractatus and the problem of free will.

Dissertation title: Words, Sentences and Speech-Acts: An Interpretation and Defense of the Context Principle
Dissertation Committee: James Conant (chair), Michael Kremer, Josef Stern, Cora Diamond (Virginia)

Previous Education: La Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)


Arnold Brooks

email: arnoldbrooks at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Ancient physics and epistemology, skepticism, philosophy of mind.
Previous Education: B.A. in Philosophy from Penn State University (2006), and an MA from the University of Chicago (2009).

Amos Browne

Email: browne at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Rationality, animal minds; psychoanalysis and the unconscious; history of analytic philosophy (particularly the philosophy of Wittgenstein). Dissertation Committee: Jason Bridges (chair), David Finkelstein, James Conant.
Previous education: BA, Litterae Humaniores (Classics and Philosophy), Oxford, 2006.
Dissertation Committee: Jason Bridges, James Conant, David Finkelstein

Jacob Butcher

Email: jbutcher at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Rawls and conceptions of autonomy in liberal political philosophy. Moral philosophy generally.
Previous education: BA in philosophy, Wheaton College (IL)

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Charlie Capps

E-mail: ccapps at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Metaethics, Virtue Ethics, Philosophy of Law
Previous education: B.A. in Economics, Stanford University (2010)

Dawn Eschenauer Chow

Email: desch at uchicago dot edu
Previous Education: B.A. in Philosophy and English Writing, Saint Mary's College (2005)
Interests: Philosophy of religion, particularly as it intersects with issues of meaning and justification; Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard.
Dissertation Committee: Josef Stern (chair), Daniel Brudney, Michael Kremer, James Conant

Emilio Comay del Junco

Email: ecdj at uchicago dot edu
Interests: History of philosophy and science (esp. Early Modern, Ancient and German Idealism); problems around naturalism and normativity; metaphysics; political and legal theory; "digital humanities"
Previous education: B.A. (Hons., 1st Class), Philosophy and German, McGill University, 2013

Shana Crandell

Email: crandell at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Kant's theoretical philosophy, German Idealism, Nietzsche, Platonism, Indian Philosophy
Joint Degree Program in Social Thought and Philosophy
Education: BA in Philosophy, Barnard College (2010)

Michael Crema

Email: mncrema at uchicago dot edu
Interests: ancient philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics.
Dissertation: Practical Deliberation and Moral Rules in Stoic Ethics
Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair), Gabriel Lear, Elizabeth Asmis (Classics)
Previous Education: BA. in Philosophy and Classics, University of British Columbia, Canada; M. Phil. in Philosophy, King's College London, University of London, UK

Lawrence Dallman

photo dallman

Email: dallman at uchicago dot edu
Interests: action, motivation, and normativity; representation and reality; Plato, Kant, Sellars.
Previous Education: BA in Philosophy & BA in English, Montana State University

Tes Davison

Email: tessadavison at uchicago dot edu
Interests: contemporary issues in moral psychology, agency, ethics, the nature of normativity, practical reason, mind, action and the like. The historical figures I primarily work on in relationship to the aforementioned are Nietzsche and Kant.
Previous education: Temple University, B.A. in Philosophy, 2013 

Emily Dupree

Email: edupree at uchicago dot edu
Fields of interest: Global Justice, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Ethics
Education: B.A. in Philosophy (with highest distinction), UCLA, 2010

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Jaime Edwards

Email: edwardsj at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Social & political philosophy, metaethics, aesthetics, 19th & 20th Century European Philosophy (especially Nietzsche and Marx).
Previous Education: B.A. in Philosophy (with highest distinction), Berkeley, 2008.
Dissertation committee: Brian Leiter (co-chair), Dan Brudney (co-chair), and Martha Nussbaum.
Dissertation: The Concept of Ideology

Roger Eichorn

Email: reichorn at uchicago dot edu
Previous education: University of New Hampshire, B.A. (History and Philosophy), 2006; Stanford University, M.A. (Philosophy), 2010
Interests:  Epistemology, History of Skepticism, Metaphilosophy, History of Philosophy (both ancient and modern), 19th- and 20th-century European philosophy
Dissertation Title:  Agrippan Skepticism: The Pyrrhonian Challenge to Epistemology
Dissertation Committee:  James Conant (chair), David Finkelstein, Anubav Vasudevan, Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins)

Joshua Fox


Email: jifox at uchicago dot edu
Previous Education: B.A. in Philosophy and Fundamentals, University of Chicago (2013)
Interests: Ethics and Moral Philosophy; Philosophy of Emotion; Plato, Aristotle, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche in relation to these topics.

Simon Gurofsky

Email: sgurofsky at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Kant's theoretical philosophy (and its relation to practical philosophy), German Idealism and phenomenology (as heirs and critics of Kantianism), political philosophy, feminist philosophy.
Previous education: B.Hum. in Humanities and Philosophy, Carleton University, 2010

Dissertation committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Michael Kremer, Michael Forster (Bonn)

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David Holiday

Email: dholiday at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Moral philosophy / ethics; Frege; Wittgenstein; Human Rights
Dissertation title: Moral Incapacity: the shadow cast by moral character
Dissertation committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Dan Brudney, and Anton Ford
Previous Education: Oxford University; Edinburgh University

Katie Howe

Email: khowe at u chicago dot edu
Interests: self-knowledge, philosophy of action, embodiment, psychoanalysis, phenomenology
Previous Education: BA in philosophy, Queen's University, 2009; MA in philosophy, Queen's University, 2011

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Dhananjay Jagannathan

Email: djagannathan at uchicago dot edu
Interests: ancient philosophy, ethics, moral psychology, political philosophy, philosophy and literature
Previous Education: BA in Philosophy, Classics & Linguistics (Texas), 2009; MSt in Ancient Philosophy (Oxford), 2010; MPhil in Ancient Philosophy (Cambridge), 2011
Dissertation Committee: Gabriel Lear & Martha Nussbaum (co-chairs), Richard Kraut (Northwestern)
Dissertation Title: The Labors of Wisdom

Claire Kirwin

Email: ckirwin at uchicago dot edu
Interests: nature and foundations of normativity, ethics and metaethics, skepticism, Kant, Nietzsche
Dissertation title: Thinking and Doing: An argument for realism about normativity
Dissertation committee: Agnes Callard and David Finkelstein (co-chairing), Brian Leiter, Candace Vogler
Previous education: MMathPhil and BPhil, Oxford

Mathis Koschel


Email: koschel at uchicago dot edu
Interests: philosophy of logic, ontology, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, "thinking directed on itself", and if the philosopher is the person who asks why? and demands a justification, I find it a good point that the philosopher should answer the question: Why philosophy?
historical figures I especially enjoy reading: Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Frege, Wittgenstein
Previous education: Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Nicholas Koziolek

Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Rosenwald 218D/ MAPH teaching office hours: Thursdays, 9–11 /ADUS office hours: Tuesdays from 3–5pm and on Fridays from 9–11am
Email: nkoziolek at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mind, and Epistemology, and contemporary appropriations of Frege, Kant, and Aristotle on those topics; Philosophy of Language.
Previous education: Colgate University, BA in Philosophy, 2007. University of Cambridge (Trinity College), M.Phil. in Philosophy, 2008
Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer (chair), Josef Stern, Malte Willer, and Marko Malink
Dissertation Title: Representing Reason: an essay on the logic of propositional attitude ascriptions


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Serena Lai

Email: serenalai at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Aristotle, ancient philosophy, metaphysics, logic, philosophy of science, philosophical methodology
Previous education: BA in Music and Philosophy, University of Georgia (2011)

Alex Langlinais

E-mail: langlinais at uchicago dot edu
Interests:philosophy of law, political philosophy, and related issues in ethics; Kant and German Idealism (especially Hegel)
Previous Education: B.A., Philosophy and Classics, Loyola University New Orleans (2009) A.M., Philosophy, University of Chicago (2011)

Nethanel Lipshitz

Email: nethanel at uchicago dot edu

Interests: Ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of action, and problems of rational choice.
I am interested in three questions:
1) What is the relationship between our norms of equality and the descriptive-looking claim that all human beings really are equal?
2) What is the value of equality, and especially how (if at all) can egalitarianism be defended in the face of sufficientarian and prioritarian challenges? 
3) Are we rational only when we do what (we think) we have most reason to do? (And here equality creeps in too, because I am interested in Burdian cases and "equal" cases, and their relation to rationality and normativity).
Previous education: Hebrew University, B.A. in Amirim Honors Program and Psychology (2006), M.A. in Philosophy (2011).

Zachary Loveless

Email: zdlove at uchicago dot edu
Interests: I have worked mostly on the history of philosophy (Kant,
Frege and Wittgenstein) and the philosophy of action. But I am also interested in the early moderns (esp. Descartes and Berkeley), god, the world, the soul of man, and all other things in general (especially bread baking).
Previous Education: Auburn University; Southern Union Junior College
Ddissertation committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Anton Ford, and Dan Brudney

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Hannah McKeown
Email: hmckeown at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Aesthetics, philosophy of music, philosophy of science (especially physics)
Working dissertation title: "Music and Metaphor"
Dissertation committee:Ted Cohen (chair): other members forthcoming
Previous Education: B.Mus., Ithaca College; M.A. (Philosophy), Columbia University; K.U. Leuven

Santiago Mejia

Email: mejia at uchicago dot edu
Interests: I am interested in exploring what it means to know oneself, and how this knowledge affects one's life. In my dissertation, I plan to inquire specifically about the role that self-knowledge plays in a virtuous life.
Dissertation Committee: Martha Nussbaum (chair), David Finkelstein, Nancy Sherman (Georgetown University).

Josh Mendelsohn

Email: mendelsohn at uchicago dot edu
Interests: My work focuses on Aristotle. I am interested in what we can learn from Aristotle's distinctive conception of logic and semantics. So far, I have been approaching this via consideration of the concepts of per se predication, syllogism, and the role of categories in dialectic. I have secondary interests in Hegel, Wilfrid Sellars and Kantian metaethics.
Previous Education: University of Melbourne, BA/BSc (Philosophy, German & Mathematics, 2006-2010)
University of Sydney, BA (Honours in Philosophy, 2011)

Peter Murray

Email: peter at uchicago dot edu
Interests: philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophical naturalism,
Wittgenstein, Aristotle, Kant
Previous Education: B.A. in Russian and Soviet Studies (UC San Diego); B.A. in Philosophy (UC Santa Cruz); M.A. in Philosophy (UC Santa Cruz)
Dissertation Committee: James Conant (chair), David Finkelstein, Jason Bridges
Dissertation Title: The Causal Efficacy of Contentful Mental States: Towards a Rational Naturalism

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Gilad Nir

Email: giladnir at uchicago dot edu
Interess: Normativity in theoretical philosophy (Kant, Frege, and Wittgenstein, and on some days, Heidegger too); Aristotle's logic and metaphysics.
Previous Education: B.A. and M.A., Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer, James Conant, Marko Malink

Rory O'Connell

Email: roryoconnell at uchicago dot edu
Interests:  The Philosophy of Mind, Language and Action; Ethics. History of Analytic Philosophy (Wittgenstein, Frege, Austin), Kant, Nietzsche.
Previous Education: BA and MPhil, Kings College London

Ben Pierce

Email: benpierce at uchicago dot edu
Interests: My primary interests are in metaphysics and the philosophy of logic in Kant and post-Kantian idealism, especially Hegel. I also work on the philosophy of action, leading to active interests in issues of agency as they arise in Kant and post-Kantian idealism, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, psychoanalysis, and contemporary neo-Aristotelianism.
Previous education: Auburn University, B.A. (Philosophy), 2010
Dissertation committee: Robert Pippin (chair), James Conant, Paul Franks (Yale), Christopher Yeomans (Purdue)

Andrew Pitel

Email: apitel at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Leibniz; Kant and German Idealism; Philosophy of Mind; Logic; Metaphysics
Previous education: BA, The Evergreen State College, 2010

Skomantas Pocius
Email: spocius at uchicago dot edu
Joint Degree Program in Social Thought and Philosophy

Dasha Polzik

dasha polzik
PRISM coordinator, Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator
Email: polzik at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Rousseau and Aristotle; civic and moral education, 'meaningful' autonomy (and what that means), the conditions under which citizens should enter the realm of public deliberation; the history of social and political thought.
Previous Education: B.A. Philosophy, Boston University, 2003. A.M., Philosophy, University of Chicago, 2006
Dissertation committee: Daniel Brudney (chair), Martha Nussbaum, Robert Pippin. Dissertation (working) title: The Good Life, According to Rousseau: Education, Autonomy, and Citizenship.

Dasha is the Outreach Coordinator for the undergraduate program (which means she works on issues of diversity and inclusivity), and she is the Philosophy PRISM Coordinator (which means she gives undergrads advice on research funding, post-college opportunities, etc.).  She is also the graduate liaison to the Undergraduate Women In Philosophy group, and is happy to meet up with women who are current or prospective Philosophy majors and who have questions about anything department- or philosophy-related -- or who just want to have coffee and a conversation with a woman in philosophy.  Just send an email or drop by!
Dasha's office hours for Outreach, PRISM, and UWIP for Winter 2015:  Mondays, 3-5 pm, in Rosenwald 218D.  Also available by appointment (

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Daniel Ricardo Rodriguez Navas

Email: danielrn at uchicago dot edu
Interests:My dissertation centers on Foucault’s ethical views. I argue that his ethical project is best understood as the attempt to rethink the type of normativity that is characteristic of ethical claims, to rethink it in such a way, that is, as to make their normative force intelligible without relying on the idea of an intrinsic purpose in human life. From the historical perspective, my focus in the dissertation is a revision of what in the secondary literature has become the standard conception of Nietzsche’s and Kant’s influence on Foucault. From a conceptual perspective, my focus is on the relation between truths (viz. about human nature) an ethical norms on the one hand, and between ethical norms and aesthetic norms on the other.
More broadly, I work in the history of 20th European Philosophy, with an emphasis on Phenomenology (specially but not exclusively Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre and Merleau-Ponty) and on French philosophy in general. I also work on epistemology and the philosophy of mind, in particular on first personal phenomena, and more specifically on self-awareness: what it is, how it is possible, and how it hangs together with the range of higher cognitive capacities that are characteristic of us reasonable healthy and ‘well socialized’ human adults. I also have a strong interest and work on ethics, aesthetics and their relation.
Previous Education: B.A. and Masters (equivalents thereof) with Honors at Paris IV Paris-Sorbonne, Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, and the ENS at Ulm.
Dissertation: Foucault’s Ethical Project and the Normativity of Ethical Claims.
Dissertation Committee: Arnold I. Davidson (chair), Jocelyn Benoist, Anton Ford, and Raoul Moati.      

Francey Russell

Email: russellf at uchicago dot edu
In terms of figures and themes, I am interested in Kant, Freud, Wittgenstein, aesthetics (especially philosophy of film), ethics, moral psychology, Continental philosophy, sense and nonsense, suffering. I'm also very committed to addressing the concerns of women and minorities in philosophy, and am interested in pedagogy generally speaking.
Previous Education: BA (Philosophy, Cinema Studies) University of Toronto, 2005. MA (Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Theory) New School for Social Research, 2008.

Alptekin Sanli

Email: alptekinsanli at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Kant, the precritical Kant, Leibniz, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, the History of Late Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Theology, the History of Nominalism, Sellarsian Nominalism, Sellars as Synoptic Philosopher, Enlightenments and their Enemies
Previous education: Bogazici University - B.A. (Philosophy), 2005; M.A. (Philosophy), 2007

Dissertation Committee: Michael Kremer, (chair), Robert Pippin, James Conant

Thomas Schulte

Email: tschulte at uchicago dot edu
Fields of Interest: Philosophy of Mind and Language including the works of Kant, Hegel, Wittgenstein, Sellars and Brandom. In particular I am concerned with intentionality, normativity and rule-following. I also have secondary interests in phenomenology, existentialism (predominantly the works of Sartre and Heidegger), psychoanalysis and Foucault.
Previous Education: Metropolitan State College of Denver BA (2009), San Francisco State University MA (2012).  

Stephen Shortt

stephen shortt
Email: scshortt at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Restoring the concept of Beauty to its rightful place in both aesthetics and ethics, emphasis on the latter.
Previous education: Auburn University B.A. 2007, Wally High (more properly, Wallace Community College)
Committee: Candace Vogler (chair), Anton Ford, Dan Brudney, Jim Conant

Sophia Sklaviadis


email: sophiasklaviadis at uchicago dot edu
Interests: philosophy of action, philosophy of language
Previous education: BA in Philosophy, Yale University, 2013.  

Daniel Smyth

daniel smyth
MAPH Preceptor
Email: dsmyth at uchicago dot edu
My dissertation, “Infinity and Givenness: Kant’s Critical Theory of Sensibility,” defends Kant’s heterodox view that it is precisely the sensible character of human cognition that enables knowledge of the mathematically infinite. Since human sense perception in manifestly finite (in both extent and acuity), this requires a radical reconception of what sensible representation consists in. Rather than invoking phenomenological criteria (e.g. vivacity or clarity of representation) or logical criteria (e.g. (in)distinctness of representation) to characterize sensibility, I argue, Kant's critical philosophy locates the essence of sensible representation in a particular sort of givenness of content. Both sense perception and mathematical knowledge of the infinite involve paradigm instances of sensibility, because both present contents that discursive thought can accommodate but not generate – i.e. because both exhibit the givenness of content proper to sensibility. In thus reconceiving our cognitive faculties, Kant inaugurates a novel and fruitful method for pursuing the philosophy of mind wholly a priori, which I develop at length as a live philosophical project.
My other research interests are both historical and thematic. I specialize in Kant and his near contemporaries (Wolff, Tetens, Euler, etc.) but also focus on major Early Modern figures – particularly Descartes, Locke, and Leibniz.  I also have interests in the German Idealists (especially Hegel, Fichte, and Schelling) and the German philosophical tradition more generally (Nietzsche, Frege, Cassirer, and Wittgenstein).  
My thematic interests concern issues in aesthetics, the philosophy of logic, the foundations of mathematics, and the metaphysics of space and time.  Random current obsessions include how pictures picture, whether wrongs can be righted, and the nature of group action. My teaching interests are broader still. In addition to courses spanning the history of philosophy, I've taught courses on responding to injustice (e.g. with punishment, forgiveness, or revolution), the relation of eros and reason, and the figure of the crowd in fin de siècle art and literature. I also translate contemporary German philosophy, paint a little, and fawn over my two kitties.
Previous Education: AB with Honors, University of Chicago, 2005
Dissertation: "Infinity and Givenness: Kant's Critical Theory of Sensibility"
Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), James Conant, Anat Schechtmant (UWM), Daniel Sutherland (UIC). 

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Matthew Teichman

Email: teichman at uchicago dot edu

Creator, editor, and producer of Elucidations, the department podcast:

Interests (philosophy): philosophy of language, semantics, pragmatics, logic, metaphysics, aesthetics, process philosophy, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of action, philosophy of biology, film theory, philosophy of gender

Interests (philosophy of language): genericity, normality, compositionality, inquisitive semantics, default logic, preference logic, dynamic epistemic logic, dynamic semantics, presupposition, accommodation, conventional implicature, conversational implicature, syntax-semantics interface, intensional adjectives, situation semantics.

Interests (figures): Wittgenstein, Bergson, Whitehead, Russell, Frege, Peirce, Anscombe, Kripke, Lewis, Barwise, Heim, Kratzer, Montague, Veltman, Groenendijk, Van Benthem, Carlson, McDowell, Prinz, Rescher, Varzi, Delanda, Leibniz, Aristotle

My dissertation takes a look at what philosophers and linguists call generic statements.  These appear to be loose generalizations which, unlike strict generalizations, can have the occasional exception and still be true.  I examine some evidence which suggests that they are only directly about kinds of things, rather than the individual things themselves.  But what's different about this new evidence is that it suggests that kinds are established in the course of a conversation: that the matter of whether some particular category constitutes a kind is not, as it were, discourse-independent.  Isn't that surprising?

Dissertation title: Characterizing Kinds
Dissertation committee: Jason Bridges, Chris Kennedy (co-chairs), Malte Willer

Previous education: A.B. in Film and Linguistics, Cornell University, 2002.
M.A. in Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 2007
M.A. in Philosophy, University of Chicago, 2009.

Daniel Telech

Email: telech at uchicago dot edu
Fields of Interest: Ethics, Mind, Moral Psychology, Action, Nietzsche 
Previous Education:  B.A. (Philosophy), University of Toronto

Tuomo Tiisala

Email: tiisala at uchicago dot edu
Interests: Questions of normativity at the intersection of epistemology and ethics, in particular relativized a priori and material inference; history and philosophy of human sciences; Foucault
Education: M.A., Theoretical philosophy, University of Helsinki, 2005
Dissertation Committee: Arnold Davidson (chair), Robert Pippin, Bernard Harcourt (Political Science)

Jessica Tizzard

Email: jtizzard at uchicago dot edu
Interests: I plan to write my dissertation on Kant's practical philosophy. I hope to develop an account of the relation between reason and sensibility as Kant finds it in the human experience of morality, and explore the repercussions this has for a properly Kantian conception of practical reasoning. 
I am also interested in the philosophy of perception as it relates to Kant and Kantian themes in analytic philosophy, including the work of John McDowell; as well as theories of practical reasoning and the will more broadly construed. On the latter topic I have recently been excited by ideas found in the work of Augustine and Leibniz.
Previous Education: University of Toronto, B.A., Philosophy, 2009.
Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Daniel Brudney

Andy Werner

Email: awerner at uchicago dot edu
Interests: German Idealism, Wittgenstein, ethics, psychoanalysis, and 20th century European philosophy.
Previous Education: BA, Philosophy, Amherst College (2010).
Dissertation committee: Robert Pippin (chair), Terry Pinkard, Georgetown University, Paul Franks, Yale University, Wolfram Gobsch, Leipzig University

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