The American Philosophical Association

Students should become members of the American Philosophical Association (APA) during the summer before they go on the job market. This is the professional organization that distributes Jobs for Philosophers (JFP), the list of jobs on offer, and runs the convention where interviews are held.

When registering, please be sure to request copies of Jobs for Philosophers. The APA makes JFP available online for members and has an email service to notify you of updates as well.

There are typically four issues of JFP in a year. They are published around 13 October, 10 November, 23 February, and 10 May. (The exact dates vary from year to year; consult the APA's website for exact dates).

Old copies of JFP are in the Placement drawer in the brown filing cabinet in Classics 16. All students should look at these to get a feel for what sorts of qualifications will be required on the job market. Job candidates should look at them in the summer before they go on the market.

Finally, all job candidates should plan on attending the Eastern Division meetings of the APA. This is the convention where job interviews are held. The convention is typically held the first week in January in a city on the east coast (typically, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Washington).

Please be sure to register early and to reserve a room in the main hotel as soon as possible: the reduced rate rooms run out and it is no fun to be in one of the overflow hotels. Hotel reservation can generally be cancelled at no expense. If you are worried about being stuck with a reservation, call and ask about the cancellation policies. Sooner is always better than later.

You should plan on arriving at the APA on the afternoon before the first day of the convention. Register with the APA Placement Service as soon as you arrive. You should also meet on that day with the departmental placement officer and those members of your dissertation committee who are attending the APA Meetings that year. They will orient you, provide you wth last-minute preparation, and make arrangements to touch base with you at various points on each of the three days to come.