Core Faculty

Listed below are the Core Faculty of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. Click on each of their names in order to view their individual faculty webpages. Please use the subnavigation to the left for information about other faculty who are affiliated in some way with the Department of Philosophy.


Jason Bridges
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director of Graduate Admissions
(Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language)

Dan Brudney
Professor of Philosophy
Director of Graduate Studies
(Political Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, Bioethics and Philosophy of Religion)

Agnes Callard
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, and the Philosophy of Action)
Agnes Callard will be on leave 2015-16.

Benjamin Callard
Lecturer in Philosophy
(Ethics, Metaphysics, and Epistemology)

James Conant
Chester D. Tripp Professor of Humanities
Department Chair
(Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, German Idealism, and History of Analytic Philosophy)

Kevin Davey
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director of Undergraduate Studies
(Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics, Formal Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics)
Kevin Davey will be on leave Winter and Spring 2016.

Arnold Davidson
Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor
(Contemporary European Philosophy, Moral and Political Philosophy, Human Sciences, Philosophy of Religion)
On leave Spring 2015, Winter 2016, and Spring 2016.

David Finkelstein
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Placement Director
(Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind)

Anton Ford
Assistant Professor in Philosophy
(Action Theory, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy)
On leave 2014-2015

Michael Forster
Regular Visiting Professor Winter quarters
(German Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language)

Michael Kremer
Mary R. Morton Professor of Philosophy
(Logic, Philosophy of Language, Early Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics)
On leave Winter and Spring 2015

Ben Laurence
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Action, Human Rights)
On leave Autumn 2014

Gabriel Richardson Lear
Professor of Philosophy
(Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy)
On leave 2014-2015

Jonathan Lear
John U. Nef Distinguished Service Professor
(Philosophical Conceptions of the Human Psyche, Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Kierkegaard, Ancient Philosophy)

Jean-Luc Marion
Greeley Professor of the Philosophy of Religions and Theology
(Early Modern Philosophy, Contemporary Phenomenology, Philosophy of Religion)


Raoul Moati
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(20th Century and Contemporary Continental Philosophy)




Anselm Mueller
Chicago Moral Philosophy Seminar Visiting Professor
Spring 2015

Martha Nussbaum
Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor
(Law, Ethics, Human Rights, Ancient Philosophy)

Robert Pippin
Evelyn Stefansson Nef Distinguished Service Professor
(Kant, Hegel, Modern German Philosophy, Theories of Normativity, Self-Knowledge, Philosophy and the Arts)

Robert Richards
Morris Fishbein Professor of the History of Science and Medicine
(History and Philosophy of Biology and Psychology)
(On leave Autumn and Spring 2014-2015)

Bart Schultz
Lecturer in Philosophy
(Political Philosophy, Ethics)

Josef Stern
William H. Colvin Professor of Philosophy
(Philosophy of Language, Medieval Philosophy)
On leave 2014-2015

Anubav Vasudevan
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(Metaphysics & Epistemology)
On leave 2014-2015

Candace Vogler
David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy
(Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, Cinema, Psychoanalysis, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies)
On leave 2014-2015

Malte Willer
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic)


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