Current & Upcoming Philosophy Department Conferences

Below you will find brief descriptions of the forthcoming conferences sponsored by our department. At the end of each description, you will find a link to the conference webpage, when available. There you will find more detailed information about the conference in question. In many cases, you will also find an image of the conference poster. If you click on the image, an enlargeable version of the poster will open, allowing you further to enlarge the image to whatever size you like in order to make it easier to read.

Conference on Andrea Kern's "Sources of Knowledge"

This conference is devoted to Andrea Kern's recent ground-breaking book, "Sources of Knowledge," with its far-reaching implications both for contemporary epistemology and philosophy mind, as well as the understanding of Kant and Aristotle. The conference is jointly organized by Jim Conant (Leipzig/Chicago) and Matthias Haase (Chicago). It is funded and supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship held by Prof. Conant at the University of Leipzig, as well as the Franke Institute for the Humanities and the Center for German Philosophy at the University of Chicago.

It will be held at the Franke Institute for Humanities on February 9-11, 2018.

3rd Annual University of Chicago Graduate Student Conference in Ancient Philosophy: Learning and Teaching in Ancient Thought

April 13-14, 2018; Submission deadline: January 22nd, 2018.

The keynote speaker is David Bronstein (Georgetown University).

We invite graduate students to submit papers on learning and teaching in Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. Potential topics include: the acquisition and transmission of knowledge, discovery, education, teachability, empirical versus non-empirical forms of knowledge, innatism. Approximately 5-6 presenters will be chosen. All papers accepted will be read in advance. Each presenter will have approximately an hour for discussion. We will be able to provide partial compensation for travel expenses. To propose a paper, send an abstract of 250-500 words to To submit an abstract, email it with the subject heading "Ancient Philosophy Conference Submission." In order to facilitate blind reviewing, pleased provide your contact information in the body of the email but do not include any identifying information in the attached document. Documents should be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .pdf form.

To submit your paper or ask any questions, please email Rory Hanlon at

Action and Perception

(Chicago Mind & Action Workshop, Second Annual Conference)

The aim of this conference is to build on the growing body of interesting work exploring interconnections between issues in the philosophy of perception and issues in the philosophy of action. This has taken a variety of forms: "enactivist" theories of perception which hold that an account of what it is to perceive must make reference to capacities for bodily action in our environment; work on "practical knowledge" that explores the ways in which an agent's knowledge of what she is doing does and does not depend on perception; work that explores structural parallels between theoretical and practical reasoning and the characteristic roles of perception and sensible inclination in supplying premises for such reasoning; work that reflects on the question whether and how normative or action-guiding properties might themselves be perceptible; etc. Our goal is bring together philosophers and other researchers who have approached these topics from interesting directions, and to invite them to reflect on how their projects might engage with one another.


Thomas Crowther, University of Warwick
Anton Ford, University of Chicago
Chris Frey and Jennifer Frey, University of South Carolina Sean Kelly, Harvard University Mohan Matthen, University of Toronto Alva Noe, University of California, Berkeley John Schwenkler, Florida State University Frederique de Vignemont, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris

Dates: Friday May 11- Saturday May 12, 2018

Organizers: Anton Ford and Matt Boyle, University of Chicago

Graduate Organizers: Pirachula Chulanon & Amy Levine

Early Greek Philosophy: A Conference Celebrating the New Additions to the Loeb Classical Library, Early Greek Philosophy, edited and translated by André Laks and Glenn Most.


Rachel Barney (Univ of Toronto)
Jenny Strauss Clay (UVA)
Brad Inwood (Yale)
André Laks (Sorbonne/Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City)
Glenn Most (Univ of Chicago/Scuola Normale, Pisa)
Oliver Primavesi (LMU-Munich)
Shaul Tor (King's College, London)

For more details, contact: Luke Parker

Franke Institute for the Humanities, 1100 E. 57th St., First Floor (Regenstein Library)