Philosophy Department Conferences

The Department of Philosophy hosts a number of philosophy conferences each year. The number of such conferences per year tends to range somewhere between four and seven. Some of these are to mark a particular occasion, such as the retirement of a faculty member or the anniversary of the publication of a classic work. Conferences of this sort are usually made possible through financial assistance from The Franke Institute for the Humanities. Other conferences hosted by the Department take place in connection with the activities of a national philosophical organization (such as the annual conference of the Midwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy). Yet other conferences sponsored by the Philosophy Department are cooperative intellectual ventures, hosted jointly with other departments (such as Classics, Germanic Studies, or Linguistics) or schools (such as the Divinity School, or the Law School) in the university, or through cooperation with one of the university's interdisciplinary committees (such as the Committee for Cinema and Media Studies, or the Committee on Social Thought), or with special financial support from one of the university's interdisciplinary centers (such as the Center for Interdisplinary Research on German Literature and Culture, the Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science, or the Nicholson Center for British Studies). One conference also takes place each year in Chicago funded by the Humboldt Foundation Transatlantic Coop Grant to foster cooperation between the Departments of Philosophy at the University of Leipzig and the University of Chicago. There are also conferences each year organized by the two Chicago Area Consortia in Philosophy -- one in Ancient Philosophy and one in German Philosophy. These conferences are often partially hosted by the University of Chicago and draw on faculty from universities throughout the Chicago area. Finally, the faculty of the Philosophy Department are frequently involved in conferences devoted to a philosophical theme, author, or text, organized by other entities at the university.

For information on current and upcoming conferences sponsored by the Philosophy Department or upcoming affilliated conferences on a philosophical topic sponsored by other units in the university, please consult the subnavigation fields to the left.